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Note: This article is about the Main Quest. For the item, see Word of the Dead (Item)

The Word of the Dead
Quest Giver: Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal
Location(s): Ark
Sun Temple (Emporium)
Aged Man's Manor
Prerequisite Quest: Part of Something Momentous, Part III
Next Quest: Interlude
Concurrent Quest: Fragments of the Past
Rewards: 500 EP
500 Pennies
Shard of the Sigil Stone
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Medium
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Quick Walkthrough

  1. Go to the meeting at the Chronicum
  2. Meet Jespar at the Western Cliff's Myrad Tower
  3. Go to the Aged Man's manor
  4. Find the Word of the Dead
  5. Investigate the memory of the dead Pyrean
  6. Report back your findings

Detailed Walkthrough

You can begin this quest by talking with Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal during Fragments of the Past. It is one of two quests that must be completed to continue the Main Quest, the other being Deus Ex Machina.


Go to the Archive room in the Sun Temple's Chronicum, and you'll find Archmagister Lexil Merrâyil, Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal and Jespar Dal'Varek, as well as the body of the dead Pyrean is also in the room in an ice block.

The archmagister will explain to you that to be able to enter the mind of the dead Pyrean, you will need to find an artifact called Word of the Dead, which is rumored to be in the hands of a collector called the Aged Man. The Grandmaster will warn you that no violent course of action should be taken against him, as even the Light-Born ordered The Order no not meddle in his affairs. The plan is to look for the artifact, teleport the dead Pyrean to the artifact, and then use it to enter the mind of the dead Pyrean, where you should look for the last words of the ritual.

Jespar at the Tower

Jespar Dal'Varek will accompany you, so he offers to meet at Western Cliff's Myrad tower. When you meet him, Jespar will point where the Aged Man's manor is on the map and will begin to follow you. When you arrive at the manor gates, Jespar will ask to wait for nightfall, as planned.

The Manor

Entering the Manor

After waiting for nightfall, return to the gates and use the Falcon's Head to ring the door bell. Eventually a servant will show up. Offer to sell the pendant Grandmaster Arantheal gave you and the servant will let you into the manor.

The Manor

Inside the manor, the Aged Man's attendant will inform you that the Aged Man, Master Gajus, is planning to play music all night long and will see you at the next dawn. While the attendant escorts you to you rooms, he advises that you should listen to the music carefully as it will be the best you can hear in all Vyn.

Investigating the Manor

When you arrive on the room where you'll spend the night, the attendant will leave. You'll be able to chat with Jespar for a bit, but as soon as the music begins, you should start looking for the artifact.

The Room
Woman in the Water

In the left wing, where the Aged Man's study is, you'll find a letter signed by Master Gajus himself on the desk. There are four strangely named books, three on the fireplace side and one at the left of the door on a wall shelf. Notice how those books' names appear on the letter you just found. You should interact with them in the order they appear on the letter: PRIDE WAS MY FALL. Then, pulls the chain in front of the fireplace to activate the mechanism.

Suddenly, the floor gives way and you'll fall down through a trap door. The moving floor will carry you to an underground sanctum.

In the Sanctum

In the sanctum, you'll see the Woman in the Water. Use the button on the platform at the middle of the sanctum and it will take you to a an altar, where the Word of the Dead is located.

Acquire the Book

Use yourConjure Pyrean spell while standing in front of the altar (the spell is added automatically to your spellbook), then interact with the Word of the Dead.

The Memories of the Dead

Enter a House

You'll find yourself on a farm, surrounded by an impenetrable fog. Knock on the cottage's door to begin a story section. You'll find out that the Pyreans are about to lose the war against High Ones, but they may still have a chance. Get a key from the wall table in the room where Kurmar prays and go to the bedroom where Liljana sleeps to open the locked chest in the middle of that room. In that chest you'll find the Scroll with Glyphs.

Just after that, however, your house will be attacked. You'll have to fight off three waves of enemies consisting of warriors, archers and mages. After that, you'll hear that the house has been breached. Rushing back to the house causes you to be shot by a Battlemage, which ignores your pleas of mercy and executes you.

Talk with the Aged Man

You'll wake up in the Manor's room, where the Servant is, but Jespar is nowhere to be seen. When you ask the Servant how you got here, he claims that he took you here after he found you at the altar and tells you that he knows that you are The Prophet and can see the Echo of the Future. He introduces himself as Aged Man.

He claims that he is observing the Cycle and accepts that you may have a chance against it. Then he interrupts the conversation and casts a spell. You'll wake up in the garden, but the Manor will have completely disappeared.

Find Jespar

You can find Jespar at the gates of the manor garden. While you quickly explain to Jespar what happened, he suddenly notices a safe box on the floor. It seems the Aged Man left behind the Word of the Dead for you. Jespar will give you a teleportation scroll and teleport back to Ark, asking you to do the same to meet with Grandmaster Arantheal.

Talk to Tealor

You can find the Grandmaster in the Emporium, where you'll explain to him what happened at the manor of the Aged Man. The Grandmaster claims that finally the enemy has a name: High Ones.

Talk to Archmagister

You can find the Archmagister and Constantine Firespark in the Chronicum. When you arrive, it seems the mages are already prepared to use the glyphs on the Sigil Stone. Constantine Firespark rushes to use the glyph and when he chants the words, the stone shatters. He asks that you touch the shards.

The hero touches one of the shards and gets a new spell protection called Sigil Stone Shard.


  • Any items you loot on the mind of the dead Pyrean will stay with you after you leave it.

Quest Stages

Stage Finishes
Journal Entry
Objective 5: Talk with Archmagister Merrâyil in the Chronicum's basement (**)
Objective 7: Talk with Jespar
Objective 10: Meet Jespar at the Western Cliff's Myrad tower (**)
Objective 15: Travel to the Aged Man's manor (**)
Objective 16: Investigate the manor
Objective 17: Follow the Aged Man's attendant into the manor
Objective 20: Find the Word of the Dead (**)
Objective 25: Use Merrâyil's spell and fetch the Pyrean (**)
Objective 27: Open the Word of the Dead (**)
Objective 28: Search the memories of the Pyrean for the glyph scroll
Objective 30: Ward off Jakal's soldiers (<Global=MQ07a_EnemiesLeft> Enemies left.) (**)
Objective 32: Search for Jespar (**)
Objective 35: Tell Arantheal about the occurrences (**)
Objective 40: Bring the drawing of the glyphs to Archmagister Merrâyil (**)
Objective 45: Touch one of the sigil shards

Arantheal told me about a "Sigil Stone" which was researched by the Pyreans in their fight against the Cycle - this gem is supposed to protect all of his shards' wielders from the Red Madness, once it is magically activated. However we are missing the words for the activation ritual. I have to meet him and Archmagister Lexil Merrâyil in the basement of the Chronicum.

5, 10, 15

The stone fragments which Lishari and I saved in Old Rashêngrad, together result in a Sigil Stone which is supposed to protect the Order from the Red Madness. The problem is: To bring the fragments together we need the words of a ritual which only the high priests of the Pyreans knew. The key for this mission's success lies in a frozen Pyrean, whose body was protected from decaying by the ice.

30, 35, 40, 45

The key for the success of the mission is supposed to be an artifact called "Word of the Dead" - and which is believed to enable travels in the memories of deceased people such as the frozen Pyrean. To get it Jespar and I have to travel to the manor of the Aged Man, an old Endralean legend who is said to be in possession of that relict. We have to pose as artifact merchants and once we got into the manor have to search for the Word of the Dead.

55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 95, 100, 110, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 167, 170

Arantheal's plan worked - when we showed the silver brooch to the Aged Man's servant he let us in and led us into a room in which we are supposed to rest until sunrise. Now we have to act fast: We have to find the Word of the Dead, teleport the Pyrean with Merrâyil's spell to us and then somehow try to get into his memories - and all of that without waking up the servant.

175, 180, 185, 187, 190, 195, 205

Merrâyil's plan worked - the Word of the Dead actually allowed me to relive the memories of the frozen Pyrean. Apparently the Pyrean was an Ishyan [sic] called Parek, who tried to save his family from the civil war which was started by general "Jakal". But before he could bring his sister and daughter to safety, Jakal's army attacked the farm and killed Parek. Also I got to know more: The entities which I met in my dream after the trial - and who are responsible for the Cleansing and the Cycle - have a name: The High Ones.

215 Quest Complete.svg

Merrâyil's plan worked - the Word of the Dead actually allowed me to relive the memories of the frozen Pyrean. Apparently the Pyrean was an Ishyan [sic] called Parek, who tried to save his family from the civil war which was started by general "Jakal". But before he could bring his sister and daughter to safety, Jakal's army attacked the farm and killed Parek. Also I got to know more: The entities which I met in my dream after the trial - and who are responsible for the Cleansing and the Cycle - have a name: The High Ones. On top of that Firespark and Merrâyil managed to activate the Sigil Stone with the glyphs from the memory. At least the inner circle now should be protected from the High Ones' influence and the Red Madness.

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