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Aged Man
(Ref ID: 0010666C)
Race Unknown Gender Male
Path N/A Job N/A
Essential Yes Form ID 0001DE32
Location Aged Man's Manor
EN-NPC-Aged Man.png
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50
“We will rebuild it!”
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The Aged Man, also known as Master Gajus, and represented in game as Servant, is a mysterious character that seems to have powers similar to the Veiled Woman. He only appears during the The Word of the Dead quest.


The Aged Man describes himself as an "Observer, a Fleshless Eye". He has lived through many iterations of The Cycle, and appears to be of key importance to all them, holding important artifacts or knowledge, such as the Word of the Dead. It is unknown if the Aged Man was a normal person who gained immunity to The Cleansing and immortality via his own handiwork, such as the Starlings, or if he is a being above The Cycle, such as the Veiled Woman. Either way, he seems to possess tremendous powers, as he is able to make his own massive Manor disappear in an instant.

The Light-Born were aware of his abilities, and ordered all those under their command to not interfere with him in any manner.