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Constantine Firespark
(Ref ID: 0002A48A)
Race Nehrimese Gender Male
Path Pathless Job Arcanist
Essential Yes Form ID 0002A489
Location Sun Temple
EN-NPC-Constantine Firespark.png
Level 10 Health 850
Magicka 850 Stamina 240
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Does this room look like the bosom of a whore to you, or what makes you think you can go around touching anything you get your fingers on?!

— The First Steps

Constantine Firespark is a Nehrimese mage and former follower of Narathzul Arantheal who is now working for The Order to investigate and stop The Cleansing and The Cycle. He is the one that hired Jespar Dal'Varek to help in his investigation.


A Rebel against the Gods

Constantine is one of the followers of Narathzul Arantheal and his Order striving at overthrowing the Light Borns' unchallenged supremacy. Constantine and Tealor Arantheal used to be natural enemies, as Tealor had always been a loyal servant of the gods.

Veiled Woman's Interference

During the quest First Steps Jespar purposefully starts reading one of Constantine's confidential notes, the one which says "It all starts with the dreams". Being harshly interrupted and rebuked by Constantine, Jespar explains that the Prophet also mentioned a strange dream, and comments that Constantine told him that both Tealor and he, Constantine, had been led to the land of Enderal by dreams.

In the Sun Temple

Firespark resides in his office in The Sun Temple, Chronicum. Constantine met with The Prophet after they had accepted Jespar's deal. After Constantine learned about their "visions", he directed the Prophet to Lishari Peghast.

Constantine's Demise

During the quest Into The Deep, The Prophet, Jespar and Constantine went to The Living Temple in order to find the Undertrain and spy on Coarek. They had to split up in the temple. When Jespar and the Prophet arrived, Constantine went insane and attacked them. Unfortunately, they had to kill Constantine in self-defense. Presumably, The Living Temple had showed him that they are responsible for the Cleansing, and therefore, they need to die for the Cleansing to not occur based on his quotes like "That it's US. WE are sin." or "This is the only way to break the cycle". The Prophet has the option to leave his body there or bury him.


He is rather rude and condescending towards others.



  • He is the first person who finds out about the Prophet's fleshlessness. Even before the Prophet themselves.
  • Jespar once called him "Bushybeard".