Enderal:The First Steps

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The First Steps
Quest Giver: Jespar Dal'Varek
Location(s): Ark
Prerequisite Quest: The Void
Next Quest: Taming the Waves
Rewards: 3x Scroll: Teleport to Ark, 2x Scroll: Teleport to Sun Temple
Jespar waiting for The Prophet at the market.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Meet Jespar on Ark's Marketplace
  2. Enter the Sun Temple
  3. Talk to Constantine Firespark

Detailed Walkthrough

Marijo de Luna, owner of Marijo's Fragrances.
Do you think this is a whore's bosom? What makes you think you can go around touching everything?

Meet Jespar at the Marketplace

This quest will begin automatically after arriving in Ark at the end of The Void. To further the quest, you need to go to the Marketplace in Ark. You can do so either by walking around the Quarters until you reach the Marketplace, or simply use one of the Signposts to teleport to the Marketplace.

It is enough to go past Jespar in the Marketplace to trigger a conversation with him , you do not need to talk to the mercenary. Once the conversation is triggered, Jespar will inform you that wearing a disguise is required if you are to meet with his superiors. Talking to Jespar will automatically equip a set of disguise clothes in your character. When the dialogue is over, follow Jespar.

Follow Jespar to the Sun Temple

Follow him to the entrance of the Sun Temple. Congratulations, Marijo de Luna! You now have free access to the Sun Temple. You can also take off those gorgeous clothes.

Meet Constantine Firespark

Joseph the Mercenary will introduce you to Constantin Firespark, who will examine you. Firespark will send you off to find Lashiri, a Nehremese mage who can perform the ritual to control your magic. Jespar will give you the Every Day Like the Last, Part I quest after Firespark leaves.


  • Jespar may get stuck on the stairs when leading you to the Sun Temple. Reloading the game fixes this.
  • It is impossible to access the Sun Temple before this quest.

Quest Stages

Stage Finishes
Journal Entry
Objective 10: Meet Jespar at the Marketplace
Objective 30: Take a seat and let yourself be examined by Constantine
Objective 40: Follow Jespar to the Temple's mages
Objective 50: Find a cure for the arcane fever
Objective 60: (Optional) Reach Level 6
Objective 70: Tell Constantine about the events in Old RashĂȘngrad
5 Jespar Dal'Varek and I safely reached Ark, the jewel of the Heartland and the biggest city on Enderal. I should meet him at the marketplace when I am ready for having my fever examined by his employers.
30 According to Jespar, the mages for whom he is working may be able to help me with my fever - and perhaps they can even bring light into the visions which are haunting me.
48 Quest Complete.svg
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