Enderal:Like Newly Born

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Like Newly Born
Quest Giver: By reading any Apothecari Journal page.
Location(s): Goldenforst
Rewards: 750 EP


  • Examine the Gravespath
  • Ascertain what happened in the Garvespath with the aid of the journal pages
  • Find the journal pages of the apothecarius in the Goldenforst (x/7)

Journal Entries

While exploring the area around the Goldenforst and Thalgard I found a yellowed journal page which seems to belong to an apothecarius. What did he do in this remote region?


The Sanctuary of Gravespath

The first journal page can be found on a bench outside of Gravespath. Once you're inside there will be a gate in front of you and pathway on the right. Head right and find the Thorn King (it's a huge skeleton sitting on a throne). The second page is laying by his feet. Make sure to loot the key from a little box held in Thorn King's hand.

Go back to the closed gate and open in with the key you just found. In the next area you'll notice a tall pillar with a lever next to it. The third page is on top of that pillar, you need to get on the platform and use the lever to elevate you up. Interact with the lever on top to open the gate into depths.

Fourth note can be found right next to a hooded statue. Fifth page is laying on a rock in the Boneripper area. Turn left, go up the stairs and enter The Sanctuary of Gravespath.

Inside the sanctuary you'll notice a path going up on your left. Go up until you reach an Arcane Enchanter then turn right to grab the sixth page.

The seventh and final note can be found in left side of the last area of the Sanctuary. Corpse of the Apothecarius can be now found near the gates right below the 7th note, interact with the body to finish the quest.


The recipe found in Enderal:Journal of the Apothecarii cannot be completed because one of the ingridients (Fire Palm extract) doesn't exist in the game.


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