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Magister Yero Sunwind, Manufacturer by his path, known simply as Yero, was a Keeper of The Order, where he acted as a teacher. Yero is well-known for being afflicted and killed by the Red Madness, an incident that sparked The Order's investigation of the supposed disease. Most of what is known about him comes from Yero's Diary and Alfrid's testimony.


Yero was born in Riverville, a Manufacturer by his path. His mother was killed while he was still young, ambushed by bandits at the Penny road while traveling with three other women to Ark. This shattered Yero's father, who started to drink heavily, leading to the decline of his fishing income, which forced Yero to assume great responsibilities despite his young age. This ignited in Yero a spark, a will to do something greater with his life, a will to possibly make a difference somewhere. A local resident saw his potential and taught him to read and write, and he had soon memorized all of The Path, and was well known among the Riverville populace for helping those in need.

During a visit of The Order to the village, Yero was scouted as having magical potential. He quickly accepted the invitation to become an initiate at The Order, as he saw those around himself as "simpletons" for not sharing his view to change the world. As such, he rarely visited his home village. He married a childhood friend, Sira, that shared his ideals, and together at The Order they created the "Food Bank bill", which required wealthy individuals to donate to a "Food Bank", that would later be used to pay for food for the poorer citizens.

Sira, however, was murdered while delivering food at the Undercity. Not only that, but the Food Bank had led to violent disputes for food in the Undercity, as the rich managed to avoid having to pay their part. These event deeply saddened Yero, who started to question his faith and ideals shortly before his death.


During one of his lectures, instead of giving the normal lesson, Yero started giving a speech about how humanity was "void" and needed to be cleansed. After that, he locked the door and created a powerful magical explosion, killing 15 students and himself. During the act, his eyes were glowing red. This, together with his preliminary speech, led to the linking of the incident to the Red Madness.