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(Ref ID: 0005C1D6)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path Manufacturer Job Retired
Essential Yes Form ID 0005BD5A
Location Riverville
Level 10 Health 125
Magicka 95 Stamina 65

Alfrid is a resident of Riverville, and childhood friend of Magister Yero Sunwind. He participates in the The Void quest.

Relationship with Yero

Alfrid's father was a friend of Yero's father, which means they spent a great part of their childhood together. While they were initially very close, once Yero's mother died, everything changed. Yero seemed to draw his strength from anger, and he kept talking about wanting to "change the world". This lead to the future magister slowly distancing himself from his childhood friends, which culminated to his complete abandonment of Riverville and his old friends when he was taken in by The Holy Order. As Alfrid said himself, "I don't think he ever noticed how much that hurt me".

It is revealed by Yero's Diary that, after his mother's death, Yero started to see all those around him as "simpletons", unable to comprehend his world-changing plans. As such, even Alfrid, his childhood friend, as abandoned was a small-minded simpleton in Yero's eyes.