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Note: This page is about the holy calling. For the book and other meanings, check The Path (Disambiguation)

In Enderal, a person's Path is a role designated to them by the gods, which indicates what jobs or functions the person may perform, as well as their standing in society. The Path doesn't determine exactly what job a person must have, rather, it determines what types of jobs a person may have, much like a caste system. While not enforced officially by laws, the strong influence of The Order over Enderal makes it a de-facto law.


The Sublime is the Path of nobles, high-ranking officials, and rulers in general. These are highly-respected members of society, and are often seen as "superior" by those outside this Path.

Prominent members of this Path include Jespar Dal'Varek and Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal.


The Erudite is the path of professions that require high knowledge, such as alchemy or scribery.


The Manufacturer is the path of professions that require physical and manual labor, such as blacksmithing or woodcraft.

Prominent members of this Path include Magister Yero Sunwind.


The Pathless is a "Path" for those who have forfeit their original Path, usually by committing a grave crime or by ignoring the boundaries of their original roles. A person can also become Pathless if they refuse to ever be assigned a Path by the church in the first place. As such, they are often seen in a negative light by the citizens of Enderal.

While foreigners are also technically Pathless, this negative connotation doesn't carry over to them, since they never had a Path to begin with: They live outside the Path system.

Prominent members of this Path include The Prophet.