Enderal:Myths and Legends: Arveldhiin the Wanderer

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  • Ark, The Fat Leoran
Myths and Legends
Volume 2: Arveldhiin the Wanderer
composed by Archmagister Gawayn Girathû, 8111 a. St.

According to a little, yellowed chapbook, in Dark Valley the Grimm resides. The following part could be secured from the rotten booklet:

Deep down, in Dark Valley,
a man with deep sorrow
steps up and down, evermore.
Salavation [sic] is his objective.

For long he craves the last voyage,
the eternal paths to come,
but refused it is to him,
he wishes for exemption.

His inner monster rages and howls,
when he digs his grave,
Since long ago it has taken him in possession
and inhibits his dead.

Now he lurks for valiant fighters,
who bring an end to his agony.
But every weapon failed
on the black pelt of the Grimm.

The white in his eyes dazzling,
seems frightened aflame,
so is the monster's only weakness,
the blazing flame in flesh.

His earlier life long forgotten,
his deeds, his name.
The atonement through Malphas was righteous,
as he…

Remark of the author:

The ink of the last lines dissolved due to the moisture and the paper went rough and fragile. Who or what exactly it is concerning is therefore not further known, but it seems his human cast was accompanied by something bestial. However, stories about the criminal Arveldhiin show remarkable similarities.

Centuries-old legends report about the infamous murderer named “Arveldhiin without scruple", who is assumed to have conducted countless murders in Dark Valley. Not even high-ranked members of the Order were excepted.

Once Arveldhiin was lurking on a trader caravan in the Dark Valley. The murderer's gang created a bloodbath spared nobody, even children were among the dead. Malphas himself spoke a punishing verdict upon Arveldhiin that his character would stick on him for all time. He combined the murderer without scruple with a grotesque, wolf-like monstrosity, with which he had to fight from then on in his mind, and which occasionally broke outward. Since like a wolf, Arveldhiin was characterized by a wild and animal-like mentality, which he had to fight as a burden with his last humanity ever after.

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