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Myths and Legends
Volume 1: The Blind Miner
written by Archmagister Gawayn Girathû, 8111 n. St.

The “Blind Miner” is supposedly one of the most well-known Endralean lore. The reason for that is likely the fact, that it occurs right beneath the feet of Ark's citizens: down in the mine shafts of the Tar Pit, the country's second biggest mine system.

The Blind Miner, whose actual name is unknown, is, according to the legends, a Lost One that lurks in the tunnels of the Tar Pit. Countless lives of careless workers and Undercity dwellers are said to be taken by him. His eyes are hidden behind bloody rags, his body covered in sickly skin and boils; his grotesque face consists of inhuman teeth, sharp and spiky like those of a wolf.

The reason for his existence is, according to the legends, a disaster which took place 6342 n. St. deep down in the mines: A rockfall buried a tunnel together with fifteen miners, trapping and separating them from the outside world. The amount of rubble was too high, even after three weeks the entrance was still closed off. After another three weeks passed the miners were believed to be deceased, the entrance was reburied and the path barricaded.

A cruel fallacy — for the miners were still alive. The first few weeks they lived off the little amount of provisions they were carrying with them, once it ran short they started catching Eiterkäfer and rats, to consume them. The sheer will to survive and the sound of the pickaxes on the rocks, that were isolating them from the outside world, gave them hope.

As the sound went silent, however, they started to panic. They were trapped for all eternity, and they knew it. Little by little they lost their mind, everyone except the one we know to this day as the Blind Miner. He, a former foreman that was praised with popularity among his comrades, reminded everyone to be calm — and hour after hour, day after day, spent his time searching valiantly for a way out.

The more days passed, however, the more dreadful their situation became. The Blind Miner was no longer able to soothe his comrades panic, and the steadily worsening hunger did the rest. One day a glimmer of hope appeared: The Blind Miner discovered an exit. With joy he wanted to return to his comrades, but on his hurry back he encountered a cruel sight: the corpse of one of his men. He was terribly mutilated, his belly was ripped open by some sort of axe. Blood and intestines were scattered around the dusty ground.

Even before he followed the voices coming from around a corner, he knew what happened: His comrades devoured that person.

Raging anger consumed the man. They were this close from rescue, this close! And still they decided to engage in this inhuman act, instead of believing in Malphas' light. Without a second thought the Blind Miner freed the axe from the corpse and rushed to his comrades, which stared at him with bloodstained mouths and frightened eyes. Before they knew what happened to them, he killed them all.

But instead of leaving the mine shaft, he stayed with them, because he realized what he did. Filled with disgust he ripped out his eyes, to no longer have to bear the sight of his deed.

Author's note:

To this day it is unclear if the “Blind Miner” actually exists, but arcane investigations point toward it. Apparently he has a magick protection at his disposal, which makes it impossible to physically harm him. According to legends, a psionic totem may break the spell, but it is unclear how one could be created, especially since the practice of psionics is forbidden. Solely the apothecarii could have access to this knowledge; but even if they do, they would have probably locked it away.

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