Enderal:The Dreary Field

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Fortress Fogwatch.
The Dreary Field
Quest Giver: Bal Hes'Zel
Location(s): Ark, Fogville,(Harbor), Fortress Fogwatch
Rewards: 1100 EP, One of the following:
  • 100-125 Pennies, Summon Mud Elemental (Rank I)
  • 150 Pennies, Apothecarius' Elixir.
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Hard
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  • Quest-Difficulty-3.png Recover Bal Hes'Zel's key from his house in Fogville
  • Quest-Difficulty-3.png Retrieve the research papers from Fortress Fogwatch
  • Quest-Difficulty-3.png Salvage the mushroom samples from Fortress Fogwatch
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Bring the samples and the report to Bal Hes'Zel in the Undercity OR deliver them to the Apothecarii in the Sun Temple, as they are too dangerous

Journal Entries

In the Dancing Nomad, which is a tavern in Ark, I met the Arazealean apothecarius Bal Hes'Zel. He told me about his famous grandfather, a distinguished apothecarius, who researched a sort of panacea in the Whisperwoods by the order of a noblewoman in Ark, before said woods was polluted. Bal fears that the plague was, unlike most people currently view it, not a natural disaster - but instead a failed experiment by the apothecarii who his grandfather belonged to. He wants me to search the old fortress for hints which could bring the truth to light.
After investigating Fogwatch
As Bal Hes'Zel suspected I found multiple hints in the old fortress which suggested that he was right: the apothecarii are responsible for the plague, even worse his own grandfather was the main culprit. He wanted to gain the favor of his employer even though he was only a mediocre alchemist. To do so he released - in a controlled environment - a plague, just to contain it again immediately with a cure. However the cure didn't work as he hoped and instead made the Whisperwoods to what it is now.
After giving the research to the Apothecarii
I decided to give the research papers of the apothecarii to the healer Torius Flameling in the Sun Temple. Whatever Bal Hes'Zel claims: to give him the samples with which his grandfather created the plague in the Whisperwoods is too dangerous. He needs to find another way to ease his conscience.
After giving the research to Bal
I decided to give the research papers of the apothecarii to Bal Hes'Zel - no matter the risks, he was right: Only the thing which started the plague can end it. Let us hope that he has more talent in alchemy than his grandfather.


Bal Hes'Zel's house.
The mushrooms inside the laboratory.

Ark, Nobles Quarters

Speak to Bal Hes'Zel in the Dancing Nomad

You can begin this quest by talking with Bal Hes'Zel in The Dancing Nomad in Enderal:Ark's Foreign Quarter.

Fogville, Harbor

Recover Bal Hes'Zel's key from his house

Be careful as you approach the house,Abandoned House there are a few Arps near it. You can find the key to Fortress Fogwatch on a nightstand to the left.

Fortress Fogwatch

Find the Watch

The premises of the Fortress can be reached from the Whisperwood. The most straightforward and fastest way seems by taking advantage of one of the Myrad Towers and asking for a flight to the Tower at the Heartland's Border. Once you have reached your destination head towards the Whisperwood and past Old Damwatch. Follow the main path, and the magnificent, horror-like fortress shrouded in mist will come into view. In order to enter the place pull the chain at the archway to raise the portcullis.

Collect the Mushroom Samples

Following the quest marker you'll arrive at the experimenting are of the laboratory, where you can collect mushroom samples and read the research notes to discover that the mushrooms were, in fact, fabricated by Bal's grandfather.

The Research

You now have two choices:

Give the Research to Bal

Talk to Bal on the Old Waterworks of the Undercity and give him the research. The quest will end and you'll receive 150 Pennies and an Apothecarius' Elixir.

Give the research to the Apothecarii

You can talk to Bal beforehand and tell him you're giving the research to the Apothecarii to receive 25 Pennies. Go to the Magic & Potions store in the Sun Temple and give the research to Torius Flameling. The quest will end and you'll receive 100 Pennies and a Summon Mud Elemental (Rank I) tome.