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Torius Flameling
(Ref ID: 000F83F0)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path Erudite Job Keeper, Apothecarius
Essential No Form ID 000F7707
Location Sun Temple, Alchemist & Magic
EN-NPC-Torius Flameling.jpg
Level 30 Health 292
Magicka 195 Stamina 98

Torius Flameling is a Keeper of the Order and Apothecarius who owns the Alchemist & Magic shop in the Sun Temple, where he works and lives with his wife, Talia Flamedrink. Him and his companion spend their days tending the shop and investigating the Red Madness.


Torius seems to be a very knowledgeable man, who never loses his calm. This calm and formality aren't to be confused with a cold heart, however, as he seems deeply saddened when told about the deaths of Finn and Carbos.



Torius wakes up at 8 AM and goes to work at the front desk of his house/shop. At 8 PM he stops working and relaxes inside until midnight, when he goes to sleep.

Pickpocketed Items

  • Silver Sword
  • Potion of Might (Rancid)
  • Potion of Waterbreathing (Rancid)
  • Potion of Might (Cheap)
  • Invisibility Potion (Cheap)
  • Health Potion (Standard)
  • Magic Potion (Standard)
  • Potion of Protection of Shock (Enhanced)
  • Key to the Apothecariis' Labory [sic]
  • Silver Ingot
  • Up to 10 random ingredients
  • 68 Pennies


Vendor Money: 1430 Pennies


  • Robe of the Inner Flame
  • Entropy Robe


  • Staff of Grounding
  • Staff of Healing
  • 2x Staff of Fire Wrath
  • Staff of Frostbite
  • Staff of Magelight
  • Staff of Healing


  • 3x Bird Egg
  • Bone Meal
  • Salt Root
  • Silverling
  • River Snapper
  • Carp
  • Frost Salts
  • Ghost Wrapping
  • Hawk Claw
  • Flour
  • Sporecrown
  • Void Salts
  • Sugar
  • 2x Bee Hive Husk
  • 2x Date
  • 2x Hawk Feathers
  • 2x Wild Berry
  • 2x Laundress Mushroom
  • 3x Fire Salts
  • 3x Firefly
  • 3x Juniper Berries
  • 3x Purple Malphas Flower
  • 3x Stain Mushroom
  • 3x Pearl
  • 4x Lichen
  • 3x Vampir Dust
  • 4x Bear Claw
  • 4x Mana Salt
  • 4x Butterfly Wing
  • 5x Ectoplasm
  • 5x Feathers
  • 5x Small Pearl
  • 5x Fish Scales
  • 5x Spider Egg
  • 6x Mud Morel
  • 8x Artichoke
  • 8x Aeterna Ears
  • 8x Peaceweed
  • 8x Holly Berry
  • 8x Spicy Grass
  • 8x Thistle
  • 11x Taproot
  • 25x Salt


  • Poison of Woe (Rancid)
  • Potion of Protection from Shock (Rancid)
  • Potion of Might (Rancid)
  • Aversion to Fire (Rancid)
  • 3x Potion of Stamina Fortification (Rancid)
  • 3x Potion of Protection from Fire (Rancid)
  • 3x Poison of Magic Detachment (Rancid)
  • 3x Morning Air Potion (Standard)
  • 4x Morning Air Potion (Rancid)
  • 4x Mana Potion (Cheap)
  • 5x Health Potion (Cheap)
  • 6x Mana Potion (Rancid)
  • 8x Health Potion (Rancid)
  • 8x Ambrosia

Teleport Scrolls

  • 3x Scroll: Teleport to the Farmers Coast
  • 3x Scroll: Teleport to the Heartland's Border
  • 3x Scroll: Teleport to the Northern Heartland
  • 3x Scroll: Teleport to Northwind Camp
  • 3x Scroll: Teleport to Frostcliff Tavern
  • 5x Scroll: Teleport to Fogville
  • 6x Scroll: Teleport to Riverville
  • 10x Scroll: Teleport to Ark
  • 13x Scroll: Teleport to the Sun Temple

Spell Scrolls

  • Scroll of Arcane Rune (Cheap)
  • Scroll of Ice Spike
  • Scroll of Fireball (Cheap)
  • Scroll of Candle Light (Cheap)
  • Scroll of Chain lightning (Cheap)
  • Scroll of Soul Trap
  • Scroll of Boon (Cheap)
  • Scroll of Boon (Standard)
  • 2x Scroll of Ondusi's Key (Apprentice)
  • 2x Scroll of Ondusi's Key (Expert)
  • 4x Scroll of Ondusi's Key (Adept)

Spell Tomes

  • Spell Tome: Detect Life
  • Spell Tome: Ice Spike (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Equilibrium (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Grounding (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Firebolt (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Flame Bite (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Ice Breath (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Blazing Spark (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Summon Ghostly Wolf (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Divine Shield (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Clairvoyance
  • Spell Tome: Magelight (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Magical Ward (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Circle of Protection (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Summon Sword (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Soul Trap (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Mark
  • Spell Tome: Recall
  • Spell Tome: Boon (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Death Breath (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Blessing of Life(Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Fire Ball (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Frostwind (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Chain Lightning (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Flash Heal (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Summon Ghostly Black Bear (Rank I)
  • 2x Spell Tome: Life Absorption (Rank I)

Craft Books

  • 25x Apprentice Book Alchemy
  • 25x Adept Book Alchemy
  • 25x Expert Book Alchemy
  • 25x Master Book Alchemy
  • 25x Apprentice Book Enchanting
  • 25x Adept Book Enchanting
  • 25x Expert Book Enchanting
  • 25x Master Book Enchanting

Skill Books

  • 25x Master Book Light Armor
  • 25x Master Book Sneak
  • 25x Apprentice Book Mentalism
  • 25x Adept Book Mentalism
  • 25x Expert Book Mentalism
  • 25x Master Book Mentalism
  • 25x Apprentice Book Entropy
  • 25x Adept Book Entropy
  • 25x Expert Book Entropy
  • 25x Master Book Entropy
  • 25x Apprentice Book Elementalism
  • 25x Adept Book Elementalism
  • 25x Expert Book Elementalism
  • 25x Master Book Elementalism
  • 25x Apprentice Book Psionics
  • 25x Adept Book Psionics
  • 25x Expert Book Psionics
  • 25x Master Book Psionics
  • 25x Apprentice Book Light Magic
  • 25x Adept Book Light Magic
  • 25x Expert Book Light Magic
  • 25x Master Book Light Magic

Soul Gems

  • Common Soul Gem
  • Common Soul Gem (Filled)
  • Lesser Soul Gem (Filled)
  • Petty Soul Gem (Filled)
  • 2x Lesser Soul Gem
  • 2x Petty Soul Gem

Random Items

  • Up to 4 leveled mage items
  • Up to 138 leveled spell tomes
  • Up to 30 leveled potions


  • While Torius is not essential, he has the Ghost flag, which means he'll not take any damage from any source.