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Finn Dalires
(Ref ID: 00085998)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path - Job Apothecarius
Essential Yes Form ID 0007fa86
Location Old Dam Lookout
Level 8 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

Description of the Encounter

Finn Dalires is an apothecarius. He and Carbos are gathering herbs at Three Rivers, Sun Coast. His first interaction with the player seems to be a random encounter: the player stumbles upon the two apothecarii by following the only available path from the abandoned temple after the starting zone. While Carbos is away for now, presumably searching for herbs, Finn is guarding their ordinary campsite, consisting of two tents, a campfire and an alchemy station. They have a leor with them, too. After a few lines of conversation between the player and Finn, Carbos returns. Although he is very suspicious of the player, he helps them out with some directions. Afterwards he returns to his work. Suddenly, the player staggers because of a fever and Finn offers one of his potions to help out. While waiting for Finn finding said potion, the player experiences a vision of a great explosion, followed by intense shouting. When asked about it, Finn gives just a confusing answer, blaming it on the fever. Certainly, just a few seconds later, Carbos gets shot and killed by bandits hidden on the other side of the river. In fractions of a second, the player and Finn are rendered unconscious by a barrage of exploding arrows. The player later finds out that Finn was killed during the attack. All of which is happening as part of a cut scene, thus the player has no way to interfere with the attack or save the apothecarii.

Camp of the Apothecarii, near the Old Dam Lookout
Confusing vision


Finn acts very friendly, helpful and respectful towards foreign people. He follows the oath of the apothecarii and is strictly religious, but forgives the misstep of the player talking about the death of the Lightborn. The discussions between him and Carbos are spiced with bits of sarcasm, especially when it comes to spending their herbs for the "gruntroot potion" which is meant to help the player. His knowledge about healing is fairly basic (he has misinterpret the player's "Arcane Fever" as Jespar later points out).


  • He is the first person who noticed the player's fever.
  • Finn and Carbos are briefly mentioned by Riverville's mayor, Jugar Featherwall, during the quest "The Voice from the Water"
  • Despite being marked as essential in Creation Kit, he dies along with Carbos during the bandit attack.
  • If the player decides to take Finn's and Carbos' badge of the apothecarii and brings them back to Torius Flameling in the Sun Temple, he will reward the player.
  • Finn is the first merchant the player can trade with.
  • He can't be pickpocketed.
  • Finn was voiced by Glen Cooper.