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The Night of a Thousand Fires was an event that took place in Qyra, decades before the death of the Light-Born. Because of the freedom of thought that was allowed in Qyra, a group of dissenters who called themselves the "Red Halfmoon" started fighting against the domain of the Golden Queen, and therefore, against the reign of the Light-Born. The Red Halfmoon, however, didn't hesitate to kill or harm civilians in their attacks, often utilizing scare tactics and spreading dissent about The Holy Order. Not able to ignore them any longer, The Order sent a young Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal to Qyra to fight against them.

One day, Tealor's squad received information about a village where the Red Halfmoon base was located. As the squad arrived there, however, all the villagers seemed to look at them with a weird stare, there were guards amidst the population and archers on the rooftops. Fearing that the village was a trap, Arantheal cautiously advanced into the city, when a villager seemed to charge the squad. At that moment, Tealor gave the order for his men to charge, hoping to defend against a trap set up against the Red Halfmoon.

While the village was indeed a trap, it wasn't the kind of trap Tealor expected. The Red Halfmoon had spread dissent about The Order on the village, which made all the residents extremely scared of them. After planting a few men to ignite Tealor's suspicions, they lead Arantheal's squad to the village and waited for the slaughter. The Red Halfmoon used this seemingly senseless slaughter of an entire village to further hurt The Order's image on Qyra. Ironically, the group disbanded a year later due to internal conflicts.

This event was traumatizing to Tealor, and caused him to forever change his mentality. According to him, he learned to not give in to fear and to not act desperately out of fear, no matter how hopeless the situation seems to be. This is apparent in Tealor's refusal to change the focus from the fight against The Cycle despite Taranor Coarek's attacks.