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Accountant Tiwon
Trails of the Past
Quest Giver: Accountant Tiwon
Location(s): Ark's Foreign District or Marketplace
Prerequisite Quest: -
Next Quest: -
Rewards: Shareholder Certificate: Screw, Hats, Odds and Ends Incorporated
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-4.png Very Hard

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"We will rebuild it!"
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  • Find a Pyrean artifact in Old Dolesch Quest-Difficulty-2.png
  • Find a Pyrean artifact in Old Askamahn Quest-Difficulty-4.png
  • Find a Pyrean artifact in Old Miskahmur Quest-Difficulty-4.png

Journal Entries

I meet a man called Tiwon in the "Screw, Hats, Odds and Ends, Incorporated', a starling guild in Ark. After some back and forth we started a conversation and he offered me some work: The guild is currently working on an important task to reconstruct old Pyrean artifacts. If I can get him the originals of these artifacts he will reward me generously.

Old Dolesch

Old Dolesch


Choice Reward
Circlet of Magic Regeneration (17 armor, Increases your Mana by 12 points)
Shield of Health (24 armor, Increases your health by 14 points)
Pennies Endralean penny coin(s) (230)

Old Askamahn



Choice Reward
Halberd of the Kilean Elder Guard (2H Axe, 43 Dam, Enchanted - 'Undead up to level 25 flee for 30 sec')
Irlanda's Grace (Staff, 0 Dam, Enchanted - 'Target gets paralysed for 10 seconds')
Longbow of the Kilean Elder Guard (Bow, 56 Dam, Enchanted - 'Absorbs 11 points of Stamina')
Morala's Edge (1H Sword, 27 Dam, Enchanted - 'Absorbs 6 points of Health')

Old Miskahmur



Choice Reward
Cuirass of Thievery (32 armor, Sneak is 17% better)
Staff of Chain Lightning (Staff, 32 Shock Dam to Health and half as much to Mana, then leaps to a new target)
Pennies Endralean penny coin(s) (500)