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The SureAI Wiki is a collaborative project which is meant to create the most complete encyclopaedia about SureAI games and projects.

The following Basic principles apply, if you work on the SureAI Wiki.

Central basic principles

  • The SureAI Wiki is an encyclopaedia: The SureAI Wiki should be used to build a SureAI encyclopaedia. It is not a fanzine and certainly no carrier medium for business interests. See What isn't allowed in the Wiki
  • No violations of copyright: The SureAI Wiki is a free encyclopaedia which is published by Attribution 2.5. The publication of texts or images without the permission of the rights owner can lead to serious problems for the project.
  • Respect other users: The participants of the SureAI Wiki have different personal backgrounds, often very different views and all a vulnerable side. See Etiquette

Further points of reference

  • Assign the correct categories for new articles - this makes it easier to find the articles.
  • Please provide a summary of changes to articles.
  • Note the rules for incorporating images.
  • The SureAI Wiki should be based and written on the current spelling rules. This avoids the fact that articles might have different orthographic and grammatical representations.

Who ensures compliance with these guidelines?

You are a "SureAI Wiki Editor". There is no chief editor or comparable authority. Active members are looking at the recent changes and correct the content and format. Each participant is author and editor at the same time. See Vandalism

More information

This page is based upon the page Wikipedia:Five Pillars of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia and the GNU Free Documentation License.