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The SureAI Wiki is a free encyclopedia for all. Basically everyone can contribute to expand the Wiki.

How to get involved

Read articles and improve or expand them

Whenever you notice something that could be improved, just do it! Every small correction is helpful and usually benefits everyone. Just click on the link "Edit" in the top right corner of the page you want to edit and improve the text in the input box. To contribute or edit articles you will need a SureAI account SureAI Account.
Check out also:

Adding links between pages and unobtainable pages

Connecting unobtainable pages via Links to other articles is necessary to make the different articles easier to access. If you find articles which could connect to an unobtainable pages then link them together. Articles without any links / connection to other articles can be found here:

Adding Categories

As a minimum to all texts of the wiki a specification of the respective category is necessary.

Expanding stubs

Stubs are articles that need substantial expansion:

Adding Images

These articles need images. Please make sure to make yourself familiar with our policies on creating and naming images before uploading any screenshots!!

Confirming Bugs

You can try to reproduce a bug reported by another user and confirm it so that the developers know that the bug occurs to multiple players.


If you find a text or picture which was copied from other websites into the wiki please report it over to one of the active administrators, in our forums or on the respective discussion site. It will be taken care of. Please always note that all contributions will be published by Attribution 2.5.
Never use Copyright protected material without the consent of the rights holders!