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Map of Arktwend

Arktwend (originally "Tirmatral") is a large continent west of Nehrim.[1] It was devastated in the war between Arkt and the Light-Born and is largely abandoned today.[1] Some Aeterna and refugees live there in camps or settlements. Surrounded by an almost insurmountable rock face, Arktwend is the most remote continent and was once the seat of the Light-Born Tyr.[1] This country, formerly known as Tirmatral, has the most recent history of all known continents. In the past, the influential imperial family of Goth ruled here for thousands of years; however, just like Nehrim, a chancellor took over the leadership of the country in the absence of the Light-Born before its final destruction.

The Endraleans' View of Arktwend

Before its destruction, Tirmatral was known for its brandy. Even today, it is a highly traded luxury good.


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