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Map of Nehrim

Nehrim is the largest and oldest country in the centre of Vyn.[1] In the past, the realm was ruled by the Light-Born Erodan; after his fall at the hands of Narathzul Arantheal, however, Chancellor Barateon, who was previously Commander of the City Guard of Erothin under Erodan, reigned in Nehrim. He waged a bitter war against the renegade Northrealm under Taranor Coarek and tried to maintain his position of power with comprehensive magic bans. In the south of the country, which was closed off after the South Pass War, the Temple led an absolutist theocratic regime from its seat in the capital of the Southrealm, Ostian. Barateon's rule, like that of the Southrealm, was eventually overthrown by the Order after Narathzul Arantheal's liberation. Together, the four great cities of Erothin, Cahbaet, Treomar, and Ostian once formed the Old Kingdom of Nehrim.


Nehrim in itself is a very hilly continent with varied flora and fauna. In the heart of the country lies the Fold Valley, where the river Erodis originates. The Erodis flows through the whole valley and the forest of Salathin before it flows into the ocean in front of the city of Erothin. Further north are the Northern Mountains, which are initially overgrown with herbaceous green forests and gradually merge into cold and snowy mountain ranges.[1] The city of Cahbaet, which was built into the mountainside, lies on the large lake in the north. South of the Fold Valley, behind mountain ranges, lies the town of Ostian with its southern flair.

Physiology and Culture

The Nehrimese vary in physique: Whereas in the south, the people there are dark-skinned but not as dark as the Qyranians, the Normans of the Northrealm are pale and fair-skinned; in the Middlerealm, both variants can be found. The Middlerealm of Nehrim was under the control of Chancellor Barateon, who had ruled since the death of the Light-Born Erodan in 8202 a. St.[1] Barateon described himself as an elected chancellor, but was essentially a monarch. Characteristic of the Middlerealm was the magic ban imposed by him to prevent the emergence of powerful enemies. Only members of Barateon's guard were allowed to practice magic; violations were brutally punished. As the center of Narathzul Arantheal's revolution, Nehrim was the scene of an underground, guerilla war between Narathzul Arantheal's followers and Baratheon's soldiers.

The Northrealm was subject to the Middlerealm until 8225 a. St., when it declared its independence.[1] Thereupon it joined the war against the Middlerelam, which it eventually won after Barateon's death in 8231 a. St.

The Southrealm existed for thousands of years isolated from the Light-Born and its people followed their own cult, that of the "Creator," and, thus, it was regarded as part of the godless world.[1] It was a theocratic regime which cruelly punished every kind of heresy and crime; it was best known for its mass executions. It was brought down in 8231 a. St. in the course of the triumph against the Gods. In 8234 a. St., all three realms of Nehrim were united under Taranor, under the banner of the "Free Peoples of Nehrim."

On Nehrim slavery was legal until its abolition following the emergence of the Free Peoples in 8234 a. St.

Relationship with Enderal and Role in Current Events

Enderal, as a God-fearing country, mistrusted the secular Middlerealm and Northrealm. Nevertheless, there never was a war between the two countries for most of their history. Since the death of the Light-Born and the "Revolution of Reason," the Free Peoples have made it their mission to finally crush any kind of theism on Vyn. After Nehrim's declaration of war on Enderal, it has since become the greatest enemy of all Endraleans, who accuse the Nehrimese of being fools and consider the death of the Gods a heretical lie.

Naming Conventions

Southern first names are mostly multi-syllabic and have the consonants "-sh". Names in the Northrealm sound rather hard, whereas names in the Middlerealm are mixed. Noble Nehrimese have the formulation "of the blood of/of [family name]'s blood" before their surname, although this is overly formal even to nobles.

Examples: Lishari Peghast (Southrealm), Taranor, of Coarek's blood (Northrealm), Constantine Firespark (Middlerealm)

Figures of Speech

Followers of the Free Peoples often use the exclamation "For the freedom of mankind," which was the core slogan among Narathzul Arantheal's followers. Southerners often use, "In the name of the Creator."
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