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The Skaragg Islands comprise an archipelago of four large and several smaller islands in the Past Sea.[1][2] Due to the magical contamination in the area, the islands are sparsely vegetated, rocky, and virtually inhospitable.[2]

Physiology and Culture

The Skaragg have almond-shaped eyes and are small and slim. Their typical clothing is sea-going and archaic. Traditionally, they tattoo their faces, whose symbols indicate their social status and reputation.

The Skaragg live in two large and several smaller tribes,[2] which have, until very recently, been mutually hostile to each other.[2] Ships and the sea play an important role in their culture since they depend on the former for fishing and the latter for traveling between the islands. Women are considered by the Skaragg as the superior sex because of what they see as their gift of giving birth and their receptivity to the "voices of the dead." As a land that was not subordinate to any Light-Born, they pay homage to the spirits of their ancestors. The highest level in a tribe is held by the supreme shaman, known as the "Bonereader," according to whose visions political and economic decisions are made.[2] The Bonereaders are excluded from family and romantic relationships, but, for ordinary Skarrag, polyandry[footnotes 1] is the norm.

Due to their isolation and unstable society, the Skaragg have rarely come into conflict with other cultures. From time to time they plunder coastal villages in Kilé or, rarely, Nehrim with their warships, but serious invasion attempts have never been made.

The Endraleans' View of the Skaragg

The Endraleans see the Skaragg as uncivilized, Pathless barbarians. Their customs and religion are considered primitive, and the constant war in which the tribes find themselves is proof of the falsity of their societal structure.

Role in Recent Events

Since the death of the Light-Born (and the intensification of the Cycle), the Skaragg tribes have consolidated and begun a naval war with the islands of Kilé, based on a vision that overcame all Bonereaders equally. This war is supposed to be the first step towards a campaign of conquest over the whole of Vyn. The reason for this is that a "Great Spirit" has spoken to them, who wants to lead the Skaragg into a new era.

Naming Conventions

Skaragg names are short and vowel-free except for "a." They do not have surnames because the tattoos symbolize the affiliation to the tribe. Other peoples have difficulties pronouncing them.

Examples: Kkra, Chl.


Skaragg hardly speak any Inâl.


  1. "Polyandry" is the practice of having several husbands at once.


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