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The Halls Of The Shadow Gods are the special residence for the Shadow God when completing Nehrim:In the Jail of Souls Main quest. The entrance is in the Nehrim:Citadel of Shadows main hall. Pressing the switch will raise the door to the hallway, which holds an entrance to the [[Nehrim:#Cavernous Boiler|Cavernous Boiler]], a closed gorge with loot, that you can get with a little jumping. Returning to the hallway is a portal that can be opened with another switch and you can finally enter the main hall. There are two Secure chests and few other safe chests, complete forge, a portal that leads to the teleport platform, the Throne of the Shadow God and a (stone) bed. There is a locked door (Very hard) that leads to the [[Nehrim:#Lava Cave|Lava Cave]], where you can find the Plate with Carvings that opens the Secret Wall to the [[Nehrim:#Old Chamber|Old Chamber]], which is a big chamber with a portal to Nehrim:Zerobilon.


Nehrim:Citadel of Shadows


Nehrim:Sustain or Destruction

Citadel Of Shadows - Halls Of The Shadow Gods

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Special Loot

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Cavernous Boiler

Items found

Special Loot

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  • One Potion of Encumbrance is stucked in the rock near the Wooden Chest or can fail down in the snow. Use the "tcl" command to get this second potion.

Lava Cave




Special Loot


Citadel Of Shadows - Old Chamber

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Magic Items



  • Stoneplate - when taking a stone plate you get a message: "Engraved on the stone are the following words: Enderal - The Ruins of Order" and 2500 EP.


Four levels, big place.

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  • Citadel Of Shadows - Old Chamber - Editor ID: Schattenzitadelle05Secret01


File:Hall of the Shadow Gods map.jpg
Halls of the Shadow Gods map
File:Cavernous Boiler map.jpg
Cavernous Boiler map
File:Old Chamber Map.jpg
Old Chamber Map