Nehrim:The Stone of the Juggler

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Quest Information

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NPCs The Juggler
Locations Nehrim:The Seventh Island, Nehrim:The Juggler's Home, Dunkles Loch


  • Dark Hole Cave

After passing the wooden catwalk, you will find, at the left side of the path, half immersed door leading to the Dunkles Loch Cave. Inside the cave go diving and look for an illuminated structure underwater. there you will find a Gate Key

  • House of the juggler

Come back and continue the path to the West, and you will soon arrive at the front of an iron door that you can open with the key you have found. This gate is leading to the Nehrim:The Juggler's Home. Enter the house by the wooden door. Before entering the cellar don't forget to grab some valuable loots in this first room, including a grand master mortar. Go down the stairs and continue your way until you come to a dead end, with a strange crooked door that you can open to a Mysterious Room

  • Defeat the Juggler

You will find The Juggler inside the Mysterious Room. This fight should not be a complicated challenge for you at this stage. You can now take the rune and bring it back to the Nehrim:Citadel of Shadows and put it on the holder.


+2900 EP


You can use the Deep Diving Helmet to look for the key in the cave

Following Quest

Nehrim:The Task of Fathoming if you found two previous Runes.

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

The Stone of the Juggler - MQ36s03
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 I found one of three old scrolls in the Citadel of Shadows, which contains the rune word "Dar". With this document I can create a portal in the centre of the vault which will teleport me to one of three rune hidings. Once I have collected all three runes I am ready to start the examination of the Shadow God.
10 I landed on a strange Island. The hidden rune I search should be somewhere here.
15 The gate is locked and the key is missing. I have to search it.
45 I've found the rune in a hiding of an undead juggler. Now I can bring it back to the Citadel of Shadows.
50 End I brought back the rune I found by the undead juggler into the Citadel of Shadows and placed it correctly.