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Dreams of the Dead
Prerequisite Quest: Black Light, Part I
Lishari's body, next to the Word of the Dead

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Archmagister Lexil
  2. Enter Lishari's last memories
  3. Find the Traitor's hideout
  4. Confront Kalim in The Dancing Nomad
  5. Wait for The Prophet

Detailed Walkthrough

Once you've collected all three Black Stones for Black Light, Part I and return to the Sun Temple, a girl will approach you and deliver a Message from Lexil Merrâyil, which asks you to meet him in the Chronicum as soon as possible. Talk to Lexil, and he'll tell you that Yuslan Sha'Rim proposed using the The Word of the Dead on Lishari's body, in order to learn the identity of the traitor that killed her.

If you deny the request, the quest will fail immediately. Otherwise, once you're ready, you will be teleported to a Warehouse in the Sun Temple, where Lishari's body lay next to the Word of the Dead, accompanied by Yuslan and the Archmagister. Open the Word of the Dead, and you'll be teleported to the last moments of Lishari's life.

The traitor's hideout

You'll be unable to pick up any items inside of the illusion, and you can only interact by killing enemies or examining the items glowing in gold. As you move on from the Theater to the Old Vault, watch out for the many traps, some of which are instant-death if activated. Eventually, you'll find the traitor's hideout, and will have to search for clues to figure out their identity.

The clues are easy to spot, as they are glowing gold and the only objects you can interact with on the scene. They are:

  • A bottle of Wine on the table next to the stairs at the entrance of the hideout, identified by Lishari as Nehrimese Brandy
  • A Red Robe on tob of a table at the very end of the hideout, identified by Lishari as the clothes that the mercenaries in Old Rashêngrad wore.
  • An Entropist Staff, balanced against the wall near the bed at the end of the hideout

After finding all clues, pick up the letter at the stand. Lishari will read the letter and seems to figure out the traitor's identity, but she doesn't reveal it. After that, this memory will end, and another one, at the Dancing Nomad, will begin.

Before Lishari can get to her room, she is stopped by Kalim, who seems to be the traitor in question. Lishari is ready to kill him, but stops at the last minute and lets him explain it in her rented room. After a heated argument, she agrees to let him go if he returns to Nehrim and never comes back, which Kalim happily complies with.

Now, go to the room where The Prophet, you, will later show up. Lishari will sit down in the bed, but before she can lament the betrayal of her old colleague, she starts becoming dizzy and passes out. Kalim seems to have drugged the mead she drank during their earlier argument, and was simply waiting for it to take effect. He tells an unidentified person to kill Lishari, and they comply.

After that, you'll be brought back to the real world. Tell the events to Yuslan and the Archmagister, and Yuslan will explain that Kalim was a member of the Nehrimese mages that strongly opposed Firespark's aiding of The Holy Order.

Given that Kalim's whereabouts are unknown, and that the helper that actually killed Lishari is unidentified, there is nothing anyone can do. Yuslan and the Archmagister will lament, and the quest will end.