Enderal:Black Light, Part I

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Black Light, Part I
Quest Giver: Lexil Merrâyil
Location(s): Sun Temple
Prerequisite Quest: Part of Something Momentous, Part IV
Next Quest: Black Light, Part II
Concurrent Quest: All the Dead Souls
A Song in the Silence
Lexil with the Beacon and the Stones

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Collect three Black Stones
  2. Deliver the stones to Lexil

Detailed Walkthrough

This quest will begin automatically after the end of Part of Something Momentous, Part IV. Read Lexil's notes and you'll receive three quests, that can be completed in any order:

After all three stones are inserted, Merrâyil will notice that he can no longer cast magic. This quest will end, and Black Light, Part II will begin.

Quest Stages

Stage Finishes
Journal Entry
Objective 0: Find the Dal'Varreks' Black Stone and bring it to Archmagister Merrâyil
Objective 1: Read Lexil's notes
Objective 5: Find the Black Stones according to Lexil's notes (<Global=MQ12a_BlackStonesInserted>/3)
Objective 10: Find the apothecarii's Black Stone and bring it to Archmagister Merrâyil
Objective 15: Find the Dal'Geyss' Black Stone and bring it to Archmagister Merrâyil
5, 10, 15, 20

Amidst all the bad news there also is a ray of hope: The arcanists found what is missing for igniting the Beacon - energy. We need three ancient artifacts called "Black Stones", which we have to place in the sockets of the Beacon, to provide the needed energy. These stones are legendary jewels which, according Merrâyil, provide their wielder great power but in turn drive them mad. He thinks that the High Ones are also the creators of these stones.

25 Quest Complete.svg

We've made it - thanks to the stones the Beacon now has the energy it needs. But something strange happened at the same time - Archmagister Merrâyil suddenly couldn't cast magic anymore. He fears the worst and asked me to meet Yuslan Sha'Rim in the Nobles Quarters. Yuslan currently erects the barriers which protect Ark from the Nehrimese armies.

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