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A Song in the Silence
Quest Giver: Archmagister Lexil Merrâyil
Location(s): Ark
Dal Geyss' Estate
Ruin at the Waterfall
Prerequisite Quest: Part of Something Momentous, Part IV
Next Quest: Black Light, Part II
Concurrent Quest: Black Light, Part I
All the Dead Souls
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.png Very Hard

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Find a way into the Dal'Geyss estate
  2. Ask Ketaron Dal'Geyss for a Black Stone
  3. Sneak back into the estate
  4. Blackmail Ketaron into revealing the Black Stone
  5. Travel to Silvergrove
  6. Fullfill Rynéus' wishes
  7. Collect the Black Stone

Detailed Walkthrough

The Room with the Teddies

Dal'Geyss' Estate

Go to the Nobles Quarters in Ark and find a way to obtain information from the guard. One of the options is bribing the guard, another can be unlocked by a character with 50 or more rhetoric. If you convinced him to let you in, you can walk past the guards inside of Dal Geyss' Estate. If you are trying to talk to Ketaron Dal'Geyss you'll get kicked out.

You have to find an alternative into the estate. Behind the noble's house there is an entrance to the building which can be picked (novice). Avoid being caught by any of the guards inside the building. If the guards see or hear you the "minigame" will be reset and you have to start again at the back entrance.

After reaching the second floor, wait for the guard to start walking away from you and grab the key that is laying on a bench halfway down the guard's patrol path. Turn around and open up the bedroom door. In the bedroom there is one door that leads to the balcony, and standing on the balcony you should be able to see a small ledge close to the wall. Jump on this ledge and keep walking until you reach a ladder, climb up on the roof and jump down on the balcony at the backside of the house. Open up the door with the key you've just picked up from the bench.

You enter a room with a lot of teddy bears. It looks like an orphaned child room. To open up the chest you need a key that is placed in one of the crates. The chest inlcudes a Birth Certificate. Pick it up and talk to Ketaron Dal'Geyss. Don't worry, the guards won't kick you out any more. After talking to Dal'Geyss you find out that he isn't in possession of a Black Stones, he also had a son, Rynéus, who was born crippled. Rynéus mother stole the stone, since Rynéus was given away and gave it to her son. So you have to pursue the hint which leads you to Silvergrove in the Powder Desert

To Silvergrove

You can go to the village using Duneville Myrad Tower. Find on your map a path that leads to Silvergrove, as you are not able to reach it from the sea. As you come close to the entrance you encounter a weird rockfall which lets you lose consciousness. After waking up you can't leave the area anymore because a big rock is blocking the way you just used. While walking towards Silvergrove, you have a short talk to the guardian who is surprisingly friendly and trusting towards you, a complete stranger. He lets you pass the gate. After a short second talk with the guardian in which you learn about a boy who discorvered silver veins and made Silvergrove rich, you travel further towards the village.

Meeting Rynéus

Arriving in Silvergrove you notice that it is a flourishing, living village. It consists of a few houses and has it's own shops and tavern. Also all citizens seem to be openminded. After entering Rynéus' house you have a weird encounter with Rynéus' father. He has extremly similar externalities and voice as your own father. He welcomes you kindly and leads you to Rynéus' room. Talk to the boy. You notice that he isn't in the mood for cooperation until you bring him back his favourite toy which was just stolen by his dog. Chase the dog and bring the toy back to Rynéus.

Rynéus in the Ruin at the Waterfall

Fulfill Rynéus' Wishes

He thanks you for bringing his toy back and asks you to play with him. If you devote some time to playing with him and fulfill his three wishes, he promises to inform you of the stone's location. You have no other choice than playing with the child.

First, you need to meet the boy at the beach, Rynéus is waiting with his father for you with some training bows and arrows to shoot. Play with him until you can withdraw from the game.

Rynéus' second wish is to catch some butterflies for him. As he loves collecting butterflies, he yearns to expand his collection. Catch the Moonglow Moths at the Moonglow Meadow and bring the butterflies to Rynéus. If you can't find them at first attempt you need to search the surrounding area, they have quite a big spawn radius, around the quest marker. The butterflies also tend to fly around behind the big wall on the meadow. You can use a spell which makes you hear the butterflies better but your sight gets gloomily. Bringing him 15 instead of 7 butterflies results in a bonus to sympathy and the "Thorough" Steam achievement.

In the last stage of the three mini-quests Rynéus asks you to follow him to the ruin at the waterfall. Enter the ruin under the waterfall and make sure that Rynéus follows you inside.

At the very end of the cave you find a painting, painted by Rynéus himself. It depicts you and Rynéus walking together at the beach of Silvergrove. It turns out that Rynéus' last wish is that you should stay with him in Silvergrove and be his friend. But since that is not possible because of your responsibilites for the Holy Order. You have to convince him to talk open about the Black Stone and its location. And as it turns out, Rynéus was in the possession of the Black Stone the whole time but he didn't tell you, because he wanted to make sure he can trust you completely.

Rynéus tells you in tears that Silvergrove doesn't really exist. He, or better, the Black Stone, is in control of everything here in the village. The people do as Rynéus wants them to do. So Rynéus is only one, besides you (the Black Stone has surprisingly no control over you), with his own will, and therefore feels extremly lonely. After talking to Rynéus, the boy finally agrees to face the harsh reality and removes the stone from the his necklace. His statements depend on his sympathy value. As soon as he does this the whole illusion of Silvergrove collapses and Rynéus turns into an Incarnation of the Black Stone.

Defeat the Black Stone Incarnation

The Incarnation of the Black Stone is a very stong Oorbâya which does a lot of damage. Ranged characters need to be quickly moving away from the incarnation because it will spawn where you've just talked with Rynéus. After killing it the illusion collapses completely.

Rescue Rynéus

You find yourself again in Silvergrove, the village is nothing more than a ruin. Everybody is dead since they haven't eaten anything real for years. Head back to Rynéus, you'll find him in his room where you first encountered him. He isn't the young life-happy child anymore. He is lying crippled and in pain in his bed, but is still willing to go to Ark with you. As in his present condition he is unable to walk on his own, you need to find a horse for the suffering boy. Leave Rynéus' house and you will find a horse standing nearby the village. When you come back to Rynéus he is already talking in delirium and shortly after, he passes away.

Rynéus passing away

Take the Black Stone

You have the option to either bury him (You actually cremate him on the beach) and take the Black Stone or simply take the stone and move on. Bring the stone to Archmagister Lexil Merrâyil. If you need to find one or two more Black Stones you should do the quests Angel and or All the Dead Souls. If this was the last of your Black Stones the mainquest will automatically continue with Black Light, Part II.


  • There are detect life spells placed on the first table you encounter after entering Dal Geyss' Estate through the back entrance. Those spells come in handy because they give you the opportunity to reveal the guards pathing which makes it much easier to avoid them.
  • In the lower floor of Dal Geyss' Estate there is the Dal Geyss' Treasury. Make sure to pay it a "visit".
  • Poke a bit around in the village before going with Rynéus to the ruin. You may come across some nice loot (taking it does not count as theft), and the innkeep can even give you a knowledge point. After exiting the cave however, you will be unable to enter most of the buildings.
  • Rynéus is one of overall five persons who use the sympathy system.

Quest Stages

Stage Finishes
Journal Entry
Objective 5: Enter Ketaron Dal'Geyss's estate (****)
Objective 10: Ask Ketaron Dal'Geyss for the whereabouts of the Black Stone
Objective 15: Search for a way to get into Dal'Geyss' estate unnoticed
Objective 20: Find something to pressure Dal'Geyss
Objective 25: Confront Dal'Geyss with the birth certificate
Objective 30: Find Dal'geyss' expelled son in Silvergrove (****)
Objective 35: Speak with Rynéus and ask him for the Black Stone
Objective 40: Catch Thorus before he disappears with the stuffed animal
Objective 41: Take the stuffed animal off Thorus
Objective 42: Return the stuffed animal to Rynéus
Objective 43: Find Thorus
Objective 45: Catch Moonglow Moths for Rynéus (<Global=_00E_MQ11c_ButterfliesGlobal>/7 moths caught)
Objective 50: (Optional) Catch 15 butterflies for Rynéus! (Already caught <Global=_00E_MQ11c_ButterfliesGlobal>!)
Objective 55: Take the butterflies back to Rynéus
Objective 60: Meet Rynéus at the beach for fulfilling the first wish
Objective 62: Take the training bow and arrows
Objective 65: Test the starling sphere with Rynéus
Objective 70: Meet Rynéus in the house
Objective 85: See Rynéus for his last wish
Objective 90: Head to the cave at the waterfall with Rynéus
Objective 95: Follow Rynéus deeper into the cave
Objective 100: Defeat the Incarnation of the Black Stone (****)
Objective 105: Find Rynéus in the true Silvergrove
Objective 110: Search Rynéus' corpse and the Black Stone in the real Silvergrove
Objective 115: Find a horse to take Rynéus with you to Ark
Objective 120: Take Rynéus and the Black Stone back to Ark
5, 7, 15, 20

According to Lex, one of the Black Pearls was last seen in the family property of the Dal'Geyss, a powerful noble house of Ark which owns both the Tarpit as well as many sulfur mines in the Powder Desert. It seems I have to speak with Ketaron Dal'Geyss myself if I want to learn something about the Stone's whereabouts. His estate is located in the Nobles Quarter in Ark, on the left side of the river.

25, 30, 35, 40, 45

To claim the Ketaron Dal'Geyss proved to be uncooperative would be a huge understatement. But, looking at his guards, using force seems to be suicide - also his sulfur mines are too important. That means I have to search for information on my own if I want to make my voice heard. Perhaps I can find something in his estate to pressure him? I only need to take care that I stay hidden.

50, 57, 58

It seems however that Ketaron Dal'Geyss isn't as childless as people say. I found a letter in his bedchamber which proves the birth of a boy who should be around 12 years old. I could use that to pressure Dal'Geyss - I should confront him with that letter.

60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110

I got Ketaron Dal'Geyss to tell me the whereabouts of the Black Stone - at least theoretically. His son, who he gave away because of a malformation, has it. It seems that he sent him to a poor miner village in the Powder Desert. There is no other way for me but to find this village called Silvergrove and meet Ketaron's exiled son there.

115, 120, 130, 135, 140, 145

I surely didn't think that the search for the Black Pearls goes that way - Rynéus' dog Thorus has stolen his stuffed animal and runs back and forth through Silvergrove. If I want to get the trust of the boy I should return the stuffed animal to him.


Rynéus' second wish is that I catch at least seven specimen of a rare butterfly species, the Moonglow Moth, for him. A big gathering of them seemingly can be found near Moonglow Meadow next to Silvergrove. With the spell "Sharpen Senses" I can sense the moths better.


Silvergrove was an illusion, created through the imagination of a sad boy ... and the power of the Black Stone. I managed to shatter the dreamworld ... Now I have to find the Black Stone in the real world ...

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