Enderal:A Story from Spring

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A Story from Spring
Location(s): Qyra
Prerequisite Quest: Catharsis

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to your companion

Detailed Walkthrough

This quest will begin after Catharsis if you completed Secrets, collected a Dreamflower during A Drop in the Ocean, refused to let Yuslan Sha'Rim take the Dreamflower, brewed a non-purified Dreamflower Elixir with the Substance Decomposer in The Father's room (which is only accessible after starting Dark Chambers of our Mind), and drank it.

You will wake up in a strange location, where your companion (Jespar or Calia) awaits you. They will be amazed that you actually woke up, since you've apparently been asleep for two weeks. They reveal that you are in Qyra, awaiting an audience with the Golden Queen, to tell her about The Cycle, The High Ones, and The Beacon. All of Enderal was destroyed in the explosion of the Beacon, and nothing is left but a wasteland.

When it all happened, your companion had just arrived in Qyra, and yet they had the urge to go back, for you. You were apparently found under some rocks, in the middle of the destruction, but still alive. Together now, you'll be able to warn the rest of the world of The High Ones' plans and break the cycle...

At least that's what you hope. Yuslan warned you that the Dreamflower Elixir would put you in a permanent coma, where you'd merely dream of being able to achieve all your goals. But, in the end, he turned out to be a traitor that lied on many occasions. Did you really survive, or is this just a dream, and you're lying on the floor at the spot where you drank the Dreamflower elixir? Either way, as your companion says, "if this is a dream, I don't want to ever wake up".

After all, what is reality anyway?