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Andrasta Braveblood
(Ref ID: 001290D8)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Erudite Job Painter
Essential No Form ID 001290D7
Location Old Watermill in Dark Valley
EN-NPC-Andrasta Braveblood.png
Level 35 Health 710
Magicka 220 Stamina 50

Andrasta Braveblood is a painter famous throughout the nobility of Ark for her skill in making portraits. Her portraits are the main source of income of the "Lateral View", a gallery in Ark owned by her daughter, Erica Braveblood. The Prophet's first interaction with her is during the quest "A Touching Effigy", when Erica Braveblood sends them to check up on her mother. As the quest progresses, the Prophet discovers that she is actually a powerful mage specializing in "wild magic", and that Andrasta owes her fame to the enchantment she places on her art pieces, which captures the life energy of those painted in the pictures. The Prophet can confront her about that and, depending on their choice, Andrasta will either live or die. If the Prophet chooses to fight her, she will defend herself fiercely, using a powerful shock spell, and will release a wave of life draining energy upon death, which makes her one of the strongest encounterable enemies. This quest is also the only notable interaction between her and the Prophet.


Andrasta, like her daughter, is a member of middle class, but she prefers living in seclusion in the Dark Valley, which, as she says herself, not only provides her with "energies" for her magic, but also hides her practice of "wild magic". She is a self-proclaimed vigilante, and her preferred method of killing is by a life draining enchantment which slowly kills the subjects of her paintings. She accuses her customers of vanity, which is hypocritical because Andrasta herself made a fortune from the portraits. The moral righteousness of her "crusade" is left for the Prophet to decide.


Andrasta Braveblood can't be pickpocketed, but following items can be obtained from her upon death:

  • 55 Endralean Penny Coin(s)
  • Endralean Sublime Garb (enchanted outfit - Increases Rhetorics by 9 points; 9% better prices)
  • Silver Ring
  • Rune Dagger
  • Fine Boots