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Novice Elia
(Ref ID: 14bd6b)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Sublime Job Novice
Essential No Form ID 14bd68
Location Ark, Barrack Quarter
EN-NPC-Novice Elia.png
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50
“We will rebuild it!”
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Novice Elia is a novice of The Holy Order. She is assigned to Magister Ragon to help him transcribe Pyrean tomes.


Since Elia's sister, Gidea, died from Red Madness, she plunges into sorrow all the time, and prays for her sister in Barrack Quarter. As a Sublime, Elia strongly opposed Gidea companying and leaving The Holy Order with a boy who was of the Manufacturer's Path. She reprimanded Gidea and convinced her to stay. Elia's action indirectly led to the death of Gidea three days later. So far, she still blames herself for Gidea's death.


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