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Pentas was a fisherman living in Riverville. He was married to Nira. According to the Riverville guard, he was killed after getting caught working with the Brigands, because he resisted his arrest. He is never seen in-game.


During the The Voice from the Water quest, it is revealed that Pentas, having woken up early one day, witnessed Meldor Featherwall and Mathilda Featherwall together on the beach, having an affair. Pentas and Nira, scared of the possible consequences of revealing the truth, decided to stay quiet. Meldor, however, sent Jael and a mercenary to intimidate Pentas and make sure he didn't talk. The situation got out of hand, and the mercenary ended up killing Pentas, which led to his wife drowning herself out of sorrow a few days later. Meldor, using his influence, managed to cover up the story by saying Pentas had aligned himself with the Brigands and resisted arrest.