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Meldor Featherwall
(Ref ID: 0005BECF)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path - Job -
Essential Yes Form ID 001256FC
Location Riverville
EN-NPC-Meldor Featherwall.jpg
Level 15 Health 167
Magicka 120 Stamina 73

Meldor Featherwall is a resident of Riverville, and brother to its mayor, Jugar Featherwall. He has a key role on the quest The Voice from the Water.


Meldor is involved in an affair with his brother's wife, Mathilda Featherwall. According to him, Mathilda was the one that started it, because she despised the way Jugar "idolized" and "worshiped" her, and came to him looking for "a real man". He and Mathilda would always meet on the beach at night, shortly before dawn. One day, however, a fisherman, Pentas, saw the two of them together. This was a major threat to the two lovers, as their reputation would plummet if word of the affair were to get out.

Meldor claims that Mathilda, more worried than him, forced him to send a mercenary to threaten the fisherman. The situation got out of hand, however, when the mercenary killed Pentas instead, which also led to his wife committing suicide. Meldor used his influence to cover up the story, but by then, the late wife of Pentas had already begun the events that lead to The Voice from the Water.


After The Prophet confronted Meldor with proof of his wrongdoings, Pentas' undead wife used magic to explode Meldor on the same beach he always met Mathilda, as revenge.