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Mayor Jugar Featherwall
(Ref ID: 0005BED0)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path - Job Mayor
Essential Yes Form ID 0005BD62
Location Riverville
EN-NPC-Mayor Jugar Featherwall.jpg
Level 15 Health 167
Magicka 120 Stamina 73

Jugar Featherwall is the mayor of Riverville. He is married to Mathilda Featherwall and has a brother, also living in Riverville, Meldor Featherwall. He can be found in Riverville's Mayor House, where he offers the The Voice from the Water side quest.


Jugar seems to be obsessively caring for his wife, Mathilda, bordering on idolization. Meldor claims that Jugar would instantly forgive Mathilda if he discovered that she was cheating on him, given how much he worships her. This obsession, however, seems to have eroded his marriage over time, and the only thing stopping Mathilda for getting a divorce is her path-abidingness and fear of losing respect of the villagers.

Jugar, unaware of his partner's true feelings, continues to care for Mathilda after she becomes ill, searching far and wide for anyone that could help mitigate the situation. Even if The Prophet completes The Voice from the Water by saving Mathilda and telling Jugar the truth about her affair with Meldor, Jugar continues to care for her as she recovers, which might signify that Meldor was right in assuming that Jugar obsesses so much over Mathilda that he would forgive even an affair.