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Mathilda Featherwall
(Ref ID: 0005BECF)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path - Job -
Essential No Form ID 0005BD63
Location Riverville
EN-NPC-Mathilda Featherwall.jpg
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

Mathilda Featherwall is the wife of Riverville's Mayor, Jugar Featherwall. At the time The Prophet meets her, she has fallen ill, and is bound to her bed. Her illness plays a key role in the The Voice from the Water quest.


Mathilda seems to be completely out of reality, as she can't leave her bed, and doesn't react to any external stimuli. Every once in a while, she has a "fit", as Jugar calls them, where she seems to hear voices that are coming to attack her. It is later revealed that this "illness" was in fact a sort of "curse" created by Pentas' late wife, as revenge for causing the death of her innocent husband. If The Prophet chooses to make Meldor Featherwall pay for what he has done, Mathilda's illness disappears, and she recovers. Otherwise, Mathilda dies due to her illness.

Marriage & Affair

Mathilda is involved in an affair with Meldor Featherwall, her husband's brother. According to Meldor, Mathilda came to him searching for a "real man", after getting tired of Jugar idolizing and worshipping her. He claims that she hasn't asked for a divorce simply out of her path-abidingness and fear of losing reputation from Riverville's villagers. Mathilda and Meldor met on the beach shortly before dawn every day, until the day Pentas saw them together.


  • While Mathilda is not Essential, she has the Ghost flag, which means she won't receive any damage.