Enderal:Qalian's Last Smile

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Qalian's Last Smile
Prerequisite Quest: Blood and Dust
Next Quest: In Our Shadows
Qalian, using the services of a prostitute

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Tharaêl at the Arena
  2. Track down Nailaq
  3. Follow Nailaq to the Lost Pages
  4. Collect the Lost Pages

Detailed Walkthrough

The old skeleton
Nailaq's buried treasure
Tharaêl killing Nailaq

This quest will begin automatically if you accept Tharaêl's mission in Blood and Dust. Although Tharaêl says that you should meet in two hours, you can talk to him in the Arena as soon as he arrives there.

He will explain that The Father is after the hidden pages that were torn from Jaél Tannerson's original manuscript of The Butcher of Ark, because he believes they hold the transcendence rituals from the Black Libra. A man, Nailaq, apparently holds the key to these pages' location.

In order to get you hired into the Rhalâta, Tharaêl wants you to wrangle the location of the lost pages from Nailaq and then help him retrieve them. Once the group hears of your achievements, they should be glad to have you join them.

Tharaêl will lead you to Nailaq, who is joined by a prostitute. After forcing the woman to leave, you can interrogate Nailaq. Nailaq will go on to explain that he torn out the pages from Jaél's manuscript, but that no one would be able to understand them, since it was written by a force controlling Tannerson's hand. He also warns you that, should you decipher the writings, they would most likely be fatal.

Follow Nailaq and will you end up at an abandoned shaft in the Tarpit, where Nailaq says he buried the papers along with his "old skin" near an old skeleton. After fighting some enemies, you and Tharaêl will be left to search the shaft for the old skeleton.

You'll find the skeleton at the end of the shaft, near the chain that hangs from the hole above. It is tucked beneath one of the poles that make up the walls of the shaft. Once you find it, interact with it to call Tharaêl, who will help you dig up the pages.

You'll uncover an old chest, containing a charred dead body, 36 pennies, an Old Mask, a blueprint to Qalin's Last Smile, and the lost pages you were looking for. Tharaêl is surprised that there is an actual body in the chest, but instructs you to take the pages, then goes back to confront Nailaq.

Arguing that he is a murderer that killed ten girls, Tharaêl gets ready to kill Nailaq. You can try to stop him, which will have significant consequences in Dark Chambers of our Mind. However, this quest will continue the same way no matter what you choose: Nailaq remembers his past working at The Refuge, which enrages Tharaêl, causing him to kill Nailaq regardless of your previous choice.

After all is over, Tharaêl asks you to meet him in his hideout before handing the papers to the First Seer, so that you can discuss your situation. This quest will end, and In Our Shadows will begin.