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Race - Gender Female
Path - Job Captain
Essential No Form ID 000773FE
Location Morning Dew
EN-NPC-Captain Rocio.png
Level 1 Health 69
Magicka 50 Stamina 59
“We will rebuild it!”
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Rocio is the captain of a ship that travels between Nehrim and Enderal frequently.


Rocio is one of the few captains who dares to sail between continents during the events of Enderal, which indicates a degree of bravery and possibly greed.

She is also quite ruthless, killing Sirius and the protagonist for trespassing, despite pleas for mercy. According to Sirius, she is nicknamed 'Blood Siren'.

According to her own words, she hates cowards and people who try to appeal to her better nature.


Rocio died in an incident in which her ship ran aground Northwest of Enderal some time after the player reached it. A note found in Northwind indicates the ship was headed to Kilé.


Pickpocketed Items

Rocio cannot be pickpocketed. However, her corpse can be looted during Our Mark on this World for the following items:

  • Silent Step of the Tracker
  • Leather Skin of the Tracker
  • Iron Sword