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Race Nehrimese Gender Male
Path Pathless Job Rogue
Essential No Form ID 00077407
Location Rocio's Ship
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

Sirius is the first character the Prophet meets in the game. He is their best friend, who travels with them on a ship in an attempt to escape the war raging in their home country of Nehrim. They managed to smuggle into the ship that sailed to Enderal, a promising continent which has been spared from most of the chaos in Nehrim (and other continents).

During their long journey, the Prophet dreams of their family being murdered, and it is Sirius who tries to calm them down.


Sirius is very nervous upon the Prophet's waking. Since they are both taking a great risk as stowaways on the ship, he wants to make sure everything goes smoothly and with as little trouble as possible. At first, he lightens up a bit but as the quest progresses, he becomes more and more anxious when the crew members Riq and Sebald arrive below deck, and he and the Prophet have to incapacitate the sailors.

Sirius is neither very brave nor particularly capable in a lot of areas in life, but he desires a new life, one that is carefree and full of joy. He isn't a violent man either, since suggesting to kill the sailors who discovered him and the Prophet lowers his opinion of the latter.

Although he has been with his friend for many years, Sirius always forgets from what continent the Prophet's mother came from, a question he asks that prompts their character creation. But one thing he does know is how much pain his friend had to go through when they lost everything.


After being knocked unconscious by the Veiled Woman during A New Life, Sirius is the first to wake up and immediately begins pleading for his life in front of Rocio. The captain, however, shows no mercy to stowaways and guts him with her sword. On Rocio's orders, the crew ties Sirius's corpse up with the Prophet, who are then both dumped into the sea.


Pickpocketed Items

Sirius cannot be pickpocketed.