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Inodan, whose location is unknown, is a small island chosen by the Light-Born to be their headquarters. It is also known as the "Seat of the Gods."

Inodan is a high craggy island in the middle of the ocean. The rocks of the island are so huge that they reach up to the cloud cover and the city can only be reached by magic or Starships. It was the stronghold of the Light-Born and mankind often regarded it as the Realm of the Gods.

Inodan is an ancient place where powerful magic resides. The island already existed in past cycles and was the seat of the Light-Born. Under Inodan, there is an ancient vault from an unknown civilization. In this vault is also the Heart of the World.

The city on Inodan was the home of the Seraphim and served as the headquarters of the divine army. The Council of the Light-Born was also held there. The Halls of Knowledge are also located in the city.

The believing people tell each other many stories about Inodan (e.g., it is said that the water from Inodan's springs could give eternal youth). This is mainly due to the fact that hardly anyone has ever entered the island.

After Narathzul Arantheal killed all the Light-Born except Tyr and Irlanda, they retreated to Inodan, where Irlanda committed suicide, as, shortly before, her son, Arantheal, had fallen into a frenzy and was killed by Arkt. Tyr instructed all Seraphim not to stop the approaching future Tel'Imaltath and to abandon the defense of Inodan as their ascent was inevitable and further suffering would have been unnecessary. Some Seraphim defied this order because it was fundamentally contrary to their destiny; some even killed themselves. Eventually, Tyr was also deprived of his power by the Shadow God; Inodan has been abandoned ever since.

Inodan was administered as a city-state by the Light-Born Esara.