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Arkt in Nehrim

Welcome. Welcome to my kingdom, Shadow-Born.

— ArktInto the Forsaken Country

Arkt is a Shadowgod who was once an Arch-Seraph, a war general for the Light-Born. He appears in Arktwend - The Forgotten Realm and Nehrim - At Fate's Edge.


In Service of the Gods

At some point, the Light-Born used to place almost absolute trust in Arkt. He was their war marshal and the one who was sent on a very important mission of accompanying Narathzul and Zelara on their task to retrieve the Soul Flayer.

Affair with Zelara

Being the trusted captain of the Light-Born, Arkt was sent on a mission to help Narathzul Arantheal and his lover Zelara retrieve an ancient artifact that has the power to kill the gods, the Soul Flayer. During the quest Arkt became romantically involved with Zelara. According to Narathzul, it was Arkt who started flirting with Zelara. When they finally found the Soul Flayer, Arkt told Narathzul about his affair with Zelara. Seeing Arkt and Zelara cling together made Narathzul's blood boil and an uncontrollable wrath took control over him: he fatally wounded Zelara with the Soul Flayer. Enraged, Narathzul wanted to punish Arkt as well, but he managed to flee. According to Arkt, it was Narathzul's fault and his overriding ambition to pursue his own goals that triggered Zelara's betrayal. When Arkt is first encountered in Nehrim during Into the Forsaken Country he creates an impression that Zelara was of minor importance to him, as he calls her 'naive and simple-minded', but it might only serve as a purpose to irritate Narathzul more; as later in the story, while standing at her grave, he seems deeply touched by her fate.

Massacre at Xarmonar

Concept art of Arkt in Nehrim

Arkt was enraged at Narathzul's decision to kill Zelara, so after he fled from the Soul Flayer Temple he tracked Narathzul with the intent of taking revenge on him. His efforts led him to the city of Xarmonar on Arazeal, where Narathzul and Barateon's army stood outside the walls waiting to strike. Narathzul noticed Arkt watching him in raven form and went into the city alone, where Arkt followed. He found Narathzul outside the temple, where he had gathered a group of civilians and convinced them that the army outside their walls did not belong to him but to Arkt. The civilians attacked Arkt, and through his determination to end Narathzul's life he killed them all.

Arkt's Banishment

After he committed the deed, he felt immense guilt and went into the temple to try to repent. He prayed to Light-Born Tyr for forgiveness and made two hundred cuts on his body, one for each innocent life he had taken that day. Narathzul then walked in and argued that Tyr would never forgive him, and that his anger led to this loss. Arkt, feeling devastated and defeated, seemingly believed his words and found new strength in them, vowing that "If Tyr casts me out, if you become Tel Imaltath, I will become something better..." before taking the shape of a raven and flying away.

He would later betray the Light-Born, and returned to the temple to take control of the Eliath under it. He built an army using its power, and repelled Narathzul's force at Inodan. After this, he was captured by the Light-Born and banished from Inodan to Tirmatral. However, he escaped and allied with a powerful necromancer called the Witch-King Asartan to create a shadow army with which to battle the Light-Born with.
Arkt in Arktwend

The Battle of Storm

To combat Arkt and Asartan's army, Light-Born Tyr sent the Arch-Seraph Wend to Tirmatral. Wend managed to build an army by allying the nations of Tirmatral with the Emperor Goth, and together they managed to push Arkt's army back. Arkt and Wend then met each other in battle in the city of Storm, where Wend managed to defeat Arkt but died to his wounds shortly after. After the battle, the country of Tirmatral was renamed Arktwend as an example.

However, it could be that Arkt did not die in the battle after all, and was only weakened; either way, he was locked away in the old halls of Enderal.

The Fall of Arktwend

Sometime after the death of Emperor Goth, one of his heirs who was apprenticed to Asartan managed to free Arkt from the halls of Enderal. From there, Arkt took the form of a wizard named Calisto and sought out another heir in order to ally with them against the Light-Born once more. When the heir refused to join him, the two fought, and Arkt was defeated. Soon after his defeat, the country of Arktwend underwent a mysterious disaster in which most of the land sank under the sea.

The Shadow God

Whatever happened, it seems that he somehow remained alive and managed to survive the destruction of Arktwend.

Many years later, Arkt resided in the ruins of Arktwend, naming himself its ruler. There he met two members of the Nehrimese mage order who intended to free Narathzul Arantheal, and he decided to observe their story. He later met one of the mages in the ruins of Tyrat, where he warned them about Narathzul's intentions and offered to help them should they be able to take his place in becoming the Shadowgod. Arkt then revealed to them that he was also a Shadowgod.

When it was revealed that Light-Born Irlanda is Narathzul's mother and he therefore cannot become the Shadowgod, Arkt appears and defeats Narathzul in a duel. Despite showing hatred for him at some points, he wishes Narathzul rest in death, saying: "Rest in peace. Your life was hell enough." Arkt then accompanied the Shadowgod on the rest of their journey, and then instructs them on how to defy fate; which he already knows, as "another Shadowgod" had helped him previously. The two ended up achieving more, however: with the help of Narathzul, they managed to defeat Fate once and for all.

The End

At the end of the journey, Arkt retired from his time as a warrior and moved into a small home overlooking Erothin, seemingly finding peace within himself.





  • "If that is so... I will destroy Tyr, and you too! No one can stop me, Arantheal. What you can do, I can do too. If Tyr casts me out, if you become Tel Imaltath, I will become something better..."
  • "I think your actions can bring justice into the world in the end. Even if you do not see it yourself yet. I believe in you."
  • Narathzul: "Fine! Then move your highly dignified bottom somewhere else and let me take the sword!"
Arkt: "Sure. I can actually move my bottom freely. Yours, however... destiny may not be finished with yours."
  • "Rest in peace. Your life was hell enough."
  • "I have had enough of big battles and heroic deeds. Look at this view... this sunrise. The beginning of a new era for the people and for us."
  • "Do you remember the battle cry? Freedom to the people was it. Oh, how true... freedom to the people... our freedom..."


  • It is never explained how Arkt came back from the dead and became a Shadowgod.
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