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Race Aeterna Gender Female
Path N/A Job N/A
Essential No Form ID 001471E9
Location The City of a Thousand Floods
EN-NPC-Light-Born Irlanda.png
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

Irlanda is merciful, yet severe, for she judges over those who in their foolishness do not appreciate the rule of the gods.

— The Path, Tome 3: The Gods, XIX

The Light-Born Irlanda was one of the seven mighty arcanists who ruled over Vyn with an iron hand. She reigned in Xarmonar, a coastal town generally considered the capital of Arazeal. Her seat was the Temple of the Creators, where the Eliath could also be found, with whom she was in constant contact. Irlanda had a very intimate relationship with Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal, with whom she conceived and gave birth to their son, Narathzul Arantheal. For unknown reasons, the two parents told the young Arantheal nothing about his origin, and so Narathzul never had a personal relationship with Irlanda. Nevertheless, her son meant a lot to her. As a result, she fell into a deep depression when Arantheal declared war on the Light-Born and declared himself the Tel'Imaltath. When Arantheal besieged Xarmonar, she fled to Inodan and tried to stay out of the conflict as much as she could.

When Arantheal was released from prison and was able to kill the gods Esara, Malphas, Morala, and Saldrin in the ruins of Stormwend together with the orphan, Irlanda revealed his origin. He fell into a rage; for he could no longer fulfill the Predestination of the Tel'Imaltath. Afterwards, Arkt appeared and killed him, because as a Light-Born he could no longer use him for his intention to allow the Predestination of the Tel'Imaltath come true. Tyr teleported himself and Irlanda to Inodan, where they were able to escape the orphan for the time being. With Arkt's help, however, the orphan would ascend to become the Shadow God and face them in Inodan and kill them. But Irlanda could bear these events no longer; too shocked by Narathzul's deeds, she committed suicide in Inodan.


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