Enderal:Black Light, Part III

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Black Light, Part III
Quest Giver: Archmagister Lexil Merrâyil
Location(s): Sun Temple
Prerequisite Quest: Black Light, Part II
Next Quest: Forgotten Homeland, Part I
Home, Sweet Home.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Optionally, listen to Jorek's interrogation
  2. Sleep in a bed
  3. Listen to Daddy beat up your mother
  4. Choose which companion to romance

Detailed Walkthrough

This quest will begin automatically after the end of Black Light, Part II. Archmagister Lexil Merrâyil will tell you to rest while his team searches for a Numinos.

If you follow the quest marker to the Curarium, you'll be able to listen to Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal and Natara Dal'Veram interrogate Signet Leader Jorek Bartarr, behind a closed door blocked by a Keeper. There Jorek will admit to giving insider information to Coarek, because he opposed Tealor's obsession with The Cycle, but also categorically deny having anything to do with Lishari Peghast's death or the mercenary attack on Old Dothûlgrad. Tealor will then kill Jorek after he refuses to reveal who else is working for Coarek.

Warning: If you haven't completed Two Souls, Part IV or Every Day Like the Last, Part IV before resting in the Temple's quarters, those missions will fail and you'll be unable to progress in their respective Quest Chains.

Head over to the Temple's quarters and rest in the marked bed. You'll be transported to the dream world one last time, where your now even more charred Daddy will make you sit, powerless, as you hear your mother be beaten up and your future sibling sentenced to drowning before they are even born. Daddy will remind you of how powerless you were, are, and will always be. He then bids you farewell forever.

Calia or Jespar, depending on who you have a higher affinity with, will wake you up and tell you that the Archmagister is waiting for you at the Chronicum. They will then ask you what is your relation with the other companion. If you answer that you are "just friends", you'll begin the romance line with the companion that woke you up. Otherwise, you'll begin the romance line with the other companion.

This quest will end, and Forgotten Homeland, Part I will begin.


  • There isn't actually anyone behind the doors through which you hear Jorek's interrogation.

Quest Stages

Stage Finishes
Journal Entry
Objective 5: (Optional) Attend Jorrek Bartarr's interrogation
Objective 10: Rest in the Temple's quarters
Objective 15: I have to talk with Daddy. He has something important to tell me.

We succeeded - despite the many casualties Arantheal, a troop of guardsman and I managed to seal the harbor gate. There was another confrontation with Taranor Coarek and he tried once more to convince us to stop building the beacon and to let the Cleansing happen. Arantheal refused whereupon Coarek announced a radical change of course: He wants to make an example of his prisoners till this evening and from now on kill every sighted Endralean. Now we also know how the Nehrimese managed to get near the city unnoticed: Signet Leader Jorek Bartarr betrayed the Order. Arantheal was beside himself.

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  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45