Nehrim:The Liberation

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nehrim:Taranor The liberation icon.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:Taranor, Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal, Nehrim:Callisto
Locations Nehrim:Cahbaet, Nehrim:Castle Darlan or the village of Nehrim:Mortram


As soon as you enter Cahbaet, you will be welcomed by its leader, Taranor. He will be elated to have seen that you have succeeded in your task of releasing Narathzul Arantheal, which will seal Barateon's fate. Taranor points out that his realm is still occupied by the Chancellor's troops and he does not have enough soldiers for a counter-attack. Yet he realizes that the tide of war is turning as more and more Aeterna warriors join the ranks of Narathzul's soldiers. Narathzul asks Taranor what places need to be conquered so he can finally leave for Erothin and deal with Barateon. Taranor recounts that the enemy soldiers retreated to the village of Mortram and the Castle of Darlan. To achieve complete victory over the enemy troops they will have to conquer the two places at the same time:

- Narathzul and his Aeterna Warriors --> village of Mortram

- Taranor and his soldiers, Callisto --> Castle Darlan


You can choose only one place to go, it can be either Darlan Castle or the village of Mortram. Choosing one location excludes the other.

Darlan Castle

Speak to Taranor and admit that you do want to accompany him.

  • The Road to the Castle

Follow Taranor and his soldiers as he takes the lead (Among his soldiers you will notice Captain Dratis). Use the map to check the location of your team (green marker). You will encounter no enemies on your way.

  • Storm the Castle

Once you come closer to the Castle, the gate will be closed (you can notice a hanged Count Darlan nearby). Callisto uses his magic to destroy the gate and makes it possible to storm the castle. Follow Taranor as he charges at the soldiers and join him in the killing. When you have eliminated all of the soldiers outside the Castle, you will be ordered to enter Castle Darlan Hall. Go there and deal with the Chancellor's soldiers inside the hall. As soon as you kill the soldiers, Taranor will approach you and grant the Castle as a token of his gratitude. When the conversation with Taranor is finished, Callisto will inform you that you are supposed to follow him and meet with Narathzul Arantheal at the Gate of the Middlerealm.

  • Towards the Gate of Cahbaet

Follow Callisto as he leads you towards the Gate of Cahbaet. There will be no enemies on your way.

Village of Mortram

Speak to him and admit that you do want to accompany him.

  • The Road to the Village

Simply follow Narahtzul as he leads you to the village (you can observe his exact location on your map [the green marker]). You will encounter no enemies on your way.

  • Attack Enemy Troops

When you are ready, launch an attack on the enemy troops in the centre of the village. When the whole area is cleared of the Chancellor's soldiers, Narathzul will speak to you and state that finally the Northrealm is free and that now you should head towards the Gate of the Northrealm (Gate of Cahbaet) to meet with the others.

  • Towards the Gate of Cahbaet

Follow Narathzul as he leads you in the direction of the Gate. There will be no enemies on your way. At the Gate you will meet with Taranor and Callisto.


  • +1500 EP

Quest Reward

The quest reward for both sub-quests is the same. It does not matter with whom you choose to go.

In both cases you will be approached by Taranor, who will state that he grants you the Castle of Darlan as a token of his gratitude for what you have done for him. Now you become the Lord of Darlan. Of course, he will have people to remove the corpses of the dead soldiers from the Castle. As for him, he has to focus on rebuilding his realm from ruins.



Following Quest

The Chancellor's Fate

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here.

The Liberation - MQ18
Stage End Q Journal Entry
15 Taranor said that the last remaining groups of the Chancellor's soldiers have retreated to the village of Mortram and the castle of Darlan. While Taranor will reconquer the castle, Arantheal and his Aeterna will deal with the village. It is my choice whom I follow.
20 I decided to reconquer Mortram together with Arantheal. We will leave immediately.
25 Mortram is ours. Arantheal said we should now regroup with Callisto at the Gate of the Northrealm in order to proceed to Erothin and to Chancellor Barateon.
30 I decided to reconquer Castle Darlan together with Taranor. We will leave immediately.
38 The castle is ours. Taranor thanked me for my help and gave me the castle as reward. Callisto said we must go the the Gate of the Northrealm and regroup with Arantheal. Then we will proceed to Erothin.
49 Taranor thanked me for my help and gave me the castle as reward.
50 End We met at the Gate of the Northrealm. Now we can head towards Erothin together and dethrone Chancellor Barateon, so that the Order will be able to focus on its actual target.


  • Stage 20, 25 if you choose to go with Arantheal.
  • Stage 30 if you choose to go with Taranor.