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Bank (Sirlen & Friends)

Official Name: Sirlen & Friends

The Enderal Bank is located in Ark's Market District.

Banking Services

The Bank provides the following services:

  • Vaults. Players (and some NPC) have vaults to store items. Player can obtain keys as quest rewards or though thief. Some vaults maybe lockpicked.
  • Personal Account. By depositing money into the bank, the player can earn interest. See Interest Section below for details.
  • Share holding. The player can obtain shares of companies which provides dividends per day. This is separate from interest accumulation and not restricted by max interest limit.
  • Housing purchase. The player may purchase housing (deeds) from bank.
  • Store. The banker also has a small store, mostly selling blue prints and skill books.


The Bank has a fixed daily interest rate of 2.80% over the current stored amount, at a maximum of 250 Pennies/Day. You can see here the result of storing 500 Pennies over 120 days. Note how the interest rates stops growing when the total money is around 8928 Pennies, which gives the maximum interest rate.

EN-Bank Interest Graph.png


Share Name Dividends Obtainable
Shareholder Certificate: Brewery of Ark 6 pennies/day Quest: Revenge Is Sour
Shareholder Certificate: Fruit Guild of Duneville 7 pennies/day Can be stolen from Duneville Fruit Supply Ship
Shareholder Certificate: Golden Sickle 5 pennies/day currently not implemented in game.
Shareholder Certificate: Lozio's General Store 8 pennies/day currently not implemented in game.
Shareholder Certificate: Landlord 5 pennies/day Can be stolen from Landlord Borek's house (top floor). Can be taken (does not count as theft) from Vault 1111.
Shareholder Certificate: Screw, Hats, Odds and Ends Incorporated 11 pennies/day Quest: Trails of the Past


Vault Number Key Key Obtainable Contents
First Floor
1112 Requires Key Unknown Empty
1122 Master Lock At Nobleyarn in the Marketplace Quarter. Mana Potion (Exclusive), Glowing Thorium Ingot, Flawless Ruby
1211 Expert Lock On the Embalmer's table in the Crypt below Ark. Mana Potion (Exclusive), Spell Tome: Summon Bow (Rank III), Ghost Wrapping, Void Salts, Massive Skull, Skull
1212 Requires Key Unknown Empty
1221 "Bank Vault Key 1221 of the Grandmaster" In the chest (Apprentice lock) in front of the bed in the Grandmaster's Room of the Sun Temple. A stack of Gold Ingots
1222 Requires Key Behind the locked door at Mirella's in the Nobles Quarter. Health Potion (Exclusive), Emerald, Gold Ring, 30 Pennies
Second Floor
2212 Master Lock On the top floor of Gaboff's in the Nobles Quarter. Magic Symbol, Grand Soul Gem (filled)
2211 "Bank Vault Key 2211" Can be stolen from top floor of Ark, Library (requires picking expert door lock to obtain access). Unknown
2221 No Lock N/A Empty
2222 "Bank Vault Key 2222" Found in a destroyed house in Northwind Two coin stacks
2122 Master Lock Lockpicks Unknown
Third Floor
1 No Lock N/A Empty
2 Bank Vault Key "2" of the Truchessa In an adept-locked safe in Sun Temple, Quarters All 12 books of The Path series
1111 Expert Lock Hafner's Farm Store, Farmer's Coast Starling Helmet, Shareholder Certificate: Landlord, 10 Pennies
2112 "My Bank Value Key: 2112" Key obtained by opening Personal Value with banker Personal Player Chest
1121 "Bank Value Key: 1121 of the Foxhands" Quest: Divide and Conquer Small treasure
2111 "Vault Key: 2111" (Master Lock) Quest: The Brotherhood of the Kor or Lockpicks The Butcher of Ark, Volume 9: The Rise, Morning Air Potion (Exclusive), 18 Pennies, Massive Chest
2121 No Lock N/A Empty