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Milbert Foxhand
Divide and Conquer
Quest Giver: Milbert Foxhand
Location(s): Ark, Undercity,Residential Barrack, Ruin of Foamville
Rewards: 400 EP, Pennies, 1 Apprentice Book (One-Handed, Two-Handed, Marksman, or Elementalism), 1 Apprentice Book (Handicraft, Alchemy, or Enchanting)
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Easy


  • Quest-Difficulty-1.png Bring the key to Foxhands' vault to Milbert
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Search for the key at the marketplace of the Undercity and bring it to Milbert
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Search Sila's home for hints about Milbert's disappearance
  • Quest-Difficulty-2.png Search in Foamville for hints about Milbert
  • Quest-Difficulty-2.png Free Milbert from the cage

Journal Entries

The travelling salesman Milbert asked for my help after he gave me a learning book free of charge. Apparently his sister Sila hid the key to the vault in which the heritage of the Foxhands is. According to Milbert's stoiries, Sila is a failed existence who is spending her money only for Glimmercapdust [sic], a dangerous droga. Milbert wants me to meet Sila in the Undercity so that I can get the key from her - my methods for doing so is [sic] entirely up to myself.
After Milbert's disappearance
As I wanted to bring the key to Milbert I only found a trail of blood in front of his cart. Was he kidnapped? In Sila's "house" I found a picture showing a coastal area which seemed to be very important to her. It could be Foamville, the village in which both grew up and in which their parents were murdered... not a concrete trace but at least one I can follow. I should visit the village, or better said the remaining ruins of the village.
After quest end, if Sila was killed
My suspicion was right: Sila kidnapped Milbert under the influence of the Glimmercapdust and wanted to execute him in Foamville. She wasn't reasonable and it developer into an armed conflict in which she died.


Inside Ark nearby the Western Gate lies a merchant named Milbert Foxhand, who tries to call for your attention as you pass by him. If you do speak to him, he tells you of his grim past and his current plight with his glimmerdust-addicted sister, Sila Foxhand. After that he requests that you retrieve to his family vault, which has been hidden away by Sila somewhere in the Undercity, where she resides.


If you speak to Milbert when he calls you over the first time, he will give you the choice of one of the following selection of Apprentice Skill Books: Handicraft, Alchemy and Enchanting. He will then ask you to retrieve his family's Bank Vault Key, which has been hidden away somewhere in the Undercity by his sister.


Persuade Sila

Sila Foxhand

In order to find Milbert’s sister, Sila , you need to enter the Undercity from Ark’s Southern Quarters. Following the narrow paths and gloomy corridors inside the Undercity’s Main Cavern you will come across a tavern, The False Dog. Sila is to be found in the Undercity's tavern The False Dog. Sila will be standing in prominent place, close to the innkeeper.

As soon as you locate Sila, talk to her and Milbert’s sister will eagerly explain the details of the brutal raid on their village, and she will bitterly reminisce upon her brother’s negligence and betrayal, thus exposing Milbert’s allegedly impeccable conduct in a completely different light. Having heard the whole story, the quest can be solved in two ways:

  • Convince Sila with a rhetoric check to tell you where the key is. Inform her that if she fails to cooperate, her brother will be forced to go bankrupt, which will inexorably lead to him closing down the business.
  • Fistfight her if you don't have the required rhetoric.
The Key

Whatever your choice, the outcome will be the same and Sila will reveal the whereabouts of the key.

Search for the Key

Once you're done with Sila Foxhand, make sure that you talk to her one more time. Now, Sila will clearly specify the location of the key explaining that the key can be found in the barrels next to the Pit in the Undercity Marketplace. The key will appear at the Undercity Marketplace (it won't appear in the game world if you don't talk to Sila) marked as an objective for retrieval, thus it is simply enough to follow the quest marker. The key, however, is not inside the barrel, so do not search the barrels for the quest item. The key is placed very close to the barrels, as shown in the photos. Grab the key and head back to where you met Milbert.



Bring the Key back to Milbert

Regardless of how you handle Sila, the outcome of the quest will be always the same. As soon as you reach Milbert’s usual place (Ark, Foreign Quarter, near the West Gate) Milbert will go missing and his cart will be covered in his blood. As you start approaching the blood-stained place, the quest will update with some information implying that his sister might be responsible for this sudden disappearance. Consequently, searching Sila’s living quarters for some clues should be the next step to solving the puzzle.


The Picture

Search Sila's Home

You will now be tasked to investigate Sila's living quarters for hints about Milbert's disappearance. Sila's house is located quite far in the Undercity’s. One way of reaching her dwelling place is by taking the following the route:

  • Undecity, Main Cavern -> Undercity, Barracks -> Undercity, Marketplace (here: Residental Barrack)

The road to Sila's barracks is quite straightforward, as her house is marked by the quest marker. As soon as you enter the barracks, an Aborted Pus Creature will launch a savage attack on you. This creature is pretty tanky but should be easily killed. Once killed, interact [E] with the (hard to miss) painting leaning on the wall. The painting is in a really prominent place, in the very center of the room. As soon as you interact with the painting, the quest will update revealing that the landscape painting is in fact reminiscent of the siblings’ childhood village, Ruin of Foamville. Subsequently, you will be given a new quest location, Foamville. Travel to it.


The Ruin of Foamville

Reach Foamville

Now, the immediate task is to reach Ruins of Foamville, the childhood village of both Foxhands’. You can arrive at the destination by various means and methods, the two most popular seem to be:

  • Taking advantage of one of the Myrad Towers and flying to a Myrad Tower at Western Cliff.
  • Teleporting to Ark, Harbor Gate, going across the bridge and taking the road along the shoreline until the ruins of the village come into view.

Make your Choice

Sila imprisioning Milbert.

The village, however, will not be completely abandoned this time. Upon approaching the focal point of the ruins a female voice heavily laden with accusations and mockery can be overheard -it will be Sila Foxhand obviously intent on murdering her brother, Milbert.

Ultimately, you have three choices to complete the quest:

  • Rhetoric: This is madness. Killing him won’t change anything.
    • The rhetoric check does not give any option (tested with max Rhetoric) to save both of them, regardless of it suggesting that it'll do so.
  • I can’t let you do that.
  • I’m not going to stop you. But I want some money.

You'll get different rewards depending on your choice.

If you kill Sila If you kill Milbert
If you resolve to dispatch Milbert's sister, he will urge you to look for the key to Cage Lock. Search Sila's body and take the key from her inventory. Next, open the Cage Lock with the key and talk to Milbert. Milbert will seem aghast at his sister's death and mention that he will need some time in private. He will still reward you for saving his life, however. If you decide to support Sila, she will open the Cage Lock herself and murder her brother. After that, she will mention she needs some time on her own and reward you with the coins.


If you kill Sila If you kill Milbert
  • One of this selection of Apprentice Skill Books: One-handed, Two-Handed, Marksman, Elementalism.
  • Key to the Foxhand Vault
  • If you have 25 Rhetoric: 75 Pennies
  • 400 EP
  • 125 Pennies
  • 400 EP

No aftermath effects have been observed post-completion so far.


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