Enderal:Paper (Divide and Conquer)

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  • Residential Barrack

(The paper is covered with dirt and a blue powder. The handwriting is spidery, as if it was written with a trembling hand.)

Gunam: Nice guy, one of the Sickle people. Seems to want to come more often, was considerate, and has always paid. (keep in touch)

Lambert: Didn't want me to know his name, but had his Amulet on him. Probably thought that a rancid whore can't read. Hah, surprise! Guess he's a novice. As if I care a shit. Was a bit rough when we did it, but he paid. I think he's not a bad guy.

“Mysir Darius”: Uppertown snob. Insists on being addressed as Mysir Darius. Wanted fool me out of my money last time, I threatened to call Roko. Don't think he'll show up again.

Jorek: Poor wretch. Just as addicted to the blasted stuff as myself. I believe he's a bigwig among the Steelcrabs. Even when we did it he kept looking around as if he was afraid someone would come in any moment. Gave me plenty of extra money, hope he returns.

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