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Unique Bows

See Photo and details on Nehrim:Unique bows or click on Weapon name.

Name Place Q Enchantments
Aeterna Bow of Nutrition Defeat Nehrim:Alcazar in Nehrim:Alcazar's Last Bastion Yes
  • Absorb life energy 2 Pts for 5 seconds on strike
Bow of Freezing Dusty Cave No
  • Frost Damage 10Pts
Bow of Sparks on Bephas the Druid in Zardoth Cave, on Rebel in Showground Sewers No
  • Shock Damage 5 Pts
Chaos Bow

The Mana Catalyst - Upper Level, defeat The Steerer

No N/A
Crystal Bow Forgotten Mine No N/A
Crystal Bow of Frost Winds

The Dam, defeat Feldron

  • Frost Damage 5 Pts
Frost Bow Self made - Forging No
  • Frost Damage 2 Pts in 4 Ft for 5 Sec
  • Weakness to Frost 2 Pts in 2 Ft for 2 Sec
Gold Plated Riders Bow Selectable reward after SQ Team Spirit in Giliad Yes N/A
Malphas Bow Arktwend, loot God Malphas' body after he is killed during the MQ The Sins of our Fathers. Yes N/A
Massive Chaos Bow Treomar, Nexus Tower on Assassin Areldor Yes
  • Shock Damage 10 Pts in 5 ft on Touch
Mighty Aeterna Sheet Can be bought at Master Craftsman in Erothin. No
  • Frenzy up to level 12 in 10 ft for 15 sec on Strike
Star Bow

Dragon Cave; on Corpse in Ruin of Naradoth; on Star Soldier in Herabgefallenes Sternenschiff

No N/A
Star Military Bow Stranded Ship No
  • Damage Health 5 Pts on Strike
Steel Longbow of Nährung on Mana Princess Solthren in Ruins of Aureal No
  • Absorb Endurance 10 Pts


Other Nehrim's Bows


Name Found Enchantments
Leather Covered Bow buyable in Cahbaet, Nina's Tools of the Trade, Crypt of Daromith,  Showground Sewers, Inodan, The Great Shaft, The Butcher's Slaughterhouse, Erothin, Bridge, Gatehouse, Old Cave Pass, Ostian, Arena N/A

Old Bow

The Abby, Tirin Abbey N/A
Reinforced Wooden Bow House W of Camp, Caves of Urdiliar N/A
Solid Battle Bow drops by Aeterna Battlemage, on Corpse of an Adventurer in The Cave of Andornath, drops by Desert Creature, by Barbarian in Stinky Cave N/A
? buyable in Castle of Stonefield, Shadow Song Mine Site