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Unique Two-handed blunt

See Photo and details on Nehrim:Unique Two Handed Blunt or click on Weapon name.

Name Place Q Enchantments
Aeterna Great Axe

Nehrim:Old Fortress of Onakat, defeat Nehrim:Paldur; on Nehrim:Aeterna Battlemage in Nehrim:Ghost Shadow Ruin, Nehrim:Treomar, South Pass, Nehrim:Melborn

No N/A
Aeternak Warhammer

Nehrim:Ghost Shadow Ruin

in Nehrim:Temple of the Creator. defeat Nehrim:Templar Nagos

No N/A
Blood Prince Slaughter Axe Nehrim:Vault of Telredor, defeat Nehrim:Blood Prince Tauron No
  • Absorb Life Energy 1 Pts for 2 sec on Strike
Bone Crusher Nehrim:Forgotten Mine (The Crater) defeat Nehrim:Osama No
  • Absorb Endurance 5 Pts on Strike
Bone mill Can be bought at Master Craftsman in Nehrim:Erothin No
  • Absorb Health 4 Pts for 4 sec on Strike
Divine Dispute Hammer Erothin Fortress (in a showcase) or Nehrim:Arktwend Yes N/A
Executioner's Cleaver Can be bought at Nehrim:Master Craftsman in Nehrim:Erothin No
  • Paralyse for 1 sec on Strike
Frost Breath

Nehrim:Old Watchtower (North of Nehrim:Ostian), carried by Nehrim:Karazal. Watch out for non enemies, as the AoE attacks can hurt them too.

  • Frost Damage 10 Pts in 5ft for 2 secs on Strike
Gerold's Axe in the wild N of Nehrim:Cahbaet, defeat Nehrim:Gerold with an Axe No
  • Damage Health 7 Pts on Strike
Heavy demonic War Hammer Can be bought at Nehrim:Master Craftsman in Nehrim:Erothin No
  • Fire Damage 5 Pts on Strike
  • Light 10 ft for 20 sec on Strike
Mage Slayer Nehrim:Treomar, Nexus Tower on Nehrim:Archmage Aechurus Yes
  • Absorb Life Energy 5 Pts on Touch
  • Absorb Magicka 10 Pts on Touch
  • Draw Willpower 30 Pts for 15 Sec on Touch
Nexus Axe of Insanity Nehrim:Steel Rail Mine, you don't have to destroy it after finishing the quest. Yes
  • Absorb Magicka 3 Pts for 3 secs on Strike
  • Damage Health 7 Pts on Strike
Star Storm (Star Battalion) Nehrim:Herabgefallenes Sternenschiff No
  • Shock Damage 10 Pts in 3ft on Strike
Star Warhammer

in Old Dwarwen Watch, defeat Nehrim:Guardian Larius

on Nehrim:Star Soldier in Nehrim:Herabgefallenes Sternenschiff

No N/A
The bell hammer Can be bought at Nehrim:Master Craftsman in Nehrim:Erothin No
  • Absorb Fatigue 10 Pts for 5 sec on Strike


  • The Master crafstman* come with the Patch and is accesible after the Main Quest The Forgotten Fortress.
  • Despite the Related Quest's implications and subtle warning, using the Nexus Axe of Insanity will not alter the player character nor the world. For all intents and purposes, it is simply a unique enchanted axe.

Other Nehrim's Two-handed blunt

Name Found Enchantments
Runed Iron War Hammer Buyable at Smiths N/A
Self-made Steel War Axe Self-made Weapon with enough Crafting Skill N/A
Sharpened Pickaxe Optional starting weapon. N/A