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Maél Dal'Loran
(Ref ID: 000B55C7)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path Sublime Job Guildmaster
Essential No Form ID 000B55C6
Location Golden Sickle's Guildhouse
EN-NPC-Maél Dal'Loran.png
Level 40 Health 375
Magicka 245 Stamina 115

Contrary to some other so-called “businessmen,” we respect the Holy Verses when doing trade. We stand for hard work, Path-Abidingness, and love for our craft.

— Maél Dal'Loran

Maél Dal'Loran is the guildmaster of the Golden Sickle. Maél plays a major role in the Golden Sickle questline, where he promotes The Prophet to Protector of the Golden Sickle and asks for their help in a transaction with the Blue Islands Coalition for the Green Scarabeus. During the events of the questline, Maél is accused of hiring the Petrified to attack his own caravan to keep both the Coalition's money and the idol for himself, and is subsequently kidnapped by Mendelus Pennypouches.


These formalities have a purpose, and every path-abiding citizen should respect them. You're an Outlander, yes, but you're treading on Endralean soil. So you will respect them too.

— Maél Dal'LoranThe Shortcut

Maél is a very pragmatic man, that favors efficiency, discipline, and respect above all else. He is especially wary of Dijaam Onêlys's practices, viewing her carefree and anti-formalistic attitude as a lack of respect and clear façade to attain her goals. Even though he is a very traditional Endralean that respects The Holy Order's teachings to the very end, Dal'Loran also has no trouble allowing strangers to join his guild if they prove themselves and show respect and discipline. At the same time, however, he is just as quick to dismiss those who break his or the Guild's ideals.

Maél's meeting with Rhodas, however, seems to have softened the guildmaster's heart slightly, as he gets significantly less “business-minded” whenever Rhodas is involved in the conversation. It is also implied that Maél only started supporting the Pest House after meeting Rhodas, which means that he also taught Dal'Loran some altruism.

Relationship with Rhodas

[Rhodas] kept on going, despite his fate. In a way, he was the living proof that virtue and true path-abidingness are not tied to… conditions, so to speak. And yes, maybe I also saw the son in him I never had.

— Maél Dal'LoranTrails in the Sand

Rhodas, a caravan leader working for the Golden Sickle, was one of the people closest to Maél. Being an urchin child who grew up on the Undercity, his ascension into the Golden Sickle and path-abidingness impressed Dal'Loran, who saw him as an example of pure discipline and hard work. Over time, the guildmaster grew close to Rhodas, caring for him as a sort of “substitute son”. Some level of romantic interest between the two is rumored, but never confirmed. Either way, seeing Rhodas's life story changed Maél's view of the world, especially on the Undercity and pathlessness, which quickly turned into some level of compassion and altruism, prompting him to start funding the Pest House of the Apothecarii for no financial gain.




  • While Maél is not essential, he is marked with the Ghost flag, which means he won't take any damage from any source.