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Magic Symbol

Magic Symbols are hidden throughout Enderal. Currently there are 100 symbols each adding 50 EP. Collecting all symbols grants you the "Fetchquest" Steam achievement.

EN-place-Old Dam Lookout2.jpg



  • Lightbreach Mine
  • Rock Shelter, at the end of the dungeon is a ladder. Take it and theres a tower with the symbol next to you.
  • West of Castle Ad'Balor, on the right side of the path in some tree stumps
  • SW of the Sawmill, when you get near the lake look to your right

Sun Coast:

Frostcliff Mountains:

  • Wildmage Camp [@ x=-128712; y=76618]
  • Old Miskahmur (interior) [@ x=-1195; y=-930]
  • Ship wreck at north coast [@ x=-166890; y=113743]
  • Agnod, Quarters (interior) [@ x=4768; y=-10276]
  • Mountainside [@ x= -143444; y= 93561]
  • East of the Old Cabin a short ways, up behind some rocks N of the path
  • Directly South of the Frostcliff Tavern Myrad Tower, under a log near a group of Lost Ones
  • North of the Excavation Site, near a group of spiders
  • NW of East Wind Tower, up a steep slope thats quite a climb
  • North of Wild Mage Camp, hiding behind a rock pillar at the west end

Powder Desert:

  • (exterior, heading north of the Old Estate of the Dal'Varek) [@ x=75457; y=-23796]
  • (exterior, outside Old Soltyris) [@ x=71614; y=-19666]
  • (exterior, wild myrad's nest NE of Old Warehouse of Fruit Corporation) [@ x=53636; y=-36035]
  • (interior, bottom floor of Old Dust Cave) [@ x=2827; y=-1576]
  • (interior, last chamber of Old Soltyris)
  • Just North of the Soul Bed
  • On the literal roof of Duneville, outside
  • Abandoned House, outside the back of it.
  • SE of Smuggler's Harbor, on the shore
  • Channel of the Powder Cliff, search along the right-hand wall outside of Megrans shack
  • On the west side of the path that runs SE of Old Soltyris, about halfway to Powder Cliff
  • Old Yogosh, in the room left of the Nehrimese Scientist


  • (Destroyed Abbey, Library) [@ x=-495; y=448]
  • (exterior, coast north of the sunken ships) [@ x=76336; y=45146]
  • NE of the Destroyed Abbey there is a tall tower with a brazier on top. The symbol is at the very base wedged in a crack.
  • Hermit Cave, inside at the end.

Northwind Camp:

  • (exterior, bottom of lake) [@ x=-104191; y=118575]


  • (exterior, near the lake) [@ x= 32976; y= 36481]
  • Ark's Last Watch - On top of the west wall

King's Mountain Pass:

  • (exterior, near Old Uskasarak ) [@ x= 21316; y= 13695]

King's Bay:

  • (exterior, Old Kingwatch) [@ x= 17046; y= -35557]


  • The Bank, Vault 2212. Locked, but can be picked (Master level)
  • Barrack Quarter - When entering this quarter from the MARKET Quarter, there is a small staircase in the wall on the left a little bit up the path. Turn right once you go in the wall, and you should see the symbol at the end of the corridor.
  • Harbor - At the top of the lighthouse
  • Harbor - Commercial Trade Post, in the East-most room
  • Undercity - Orphanage, in a nook in the north basement.

West Cliff:

Farmer's Coast:


Dark Valley:

Crystal Forest:


  • Exterior, east side, near side entrance. Accessible only during Forgotten Homelamd, Part II.