Enderal:Home of the Forsaken

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Home of the Forsaken
Rewards: 1000+ Pennies
Rare gems
Vatyra's Staff
Vatyra's Tomb

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Collect the 9 fragments
  2. Open Vatyra's Tomb in the Ark Crypt

Detailed Walkthrough

The weird socked with all fragments
Map location for Weird Socket

This quest will begin automatically once you pick up one of the fragments. The location of the fragments are:

Once you have all fragments, travel to the Crypt in Ark, which is accessible via the Undercity's Corpse Pit or the Barracks Quarter in Ark. There you'll find a Weird Socket, where you can place the fragments you've found. Once you insert all fragments into the socket, a secret wall will open to the south, revealing an entrance to Vatyra's Tomb, which is filled with riches and loot. Be sure to take Vatyra's Staff, the item being held by the skeleton at the center of the room. After you enter the tomb, this quest will be completed.