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Mystical Symbol

There are 15 Mystical Symbols hidden throughout Enderal. Discovering them gives a bit of EP, which rises as you discover more. Discovering all 15 gives you the "Fetchquest, Vol. 2." Steam achievement.

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  1. Powder Desert: SE of the Dunesville Supply Ship, on top of the house on the shore.
  2. During the A Drop in the Ocean quest, there is one hidden on the island that you travel to with Yuslan.
  3. One is hidden in the NW corner of the Ark Crypt. This is by far the most difficult one to get. You must complete Home of the Forsaken in order to get this symbol.
  4. Farmer's Coast: In the basement of Mirell Hoofbeats house, near the Lower Haystacks
  5. Castle Bleakstar: Its in the Library, the NE most room (while doing Our Mark in this World: the room unlocks AFTER finding the map when Esme leaves)
  6. In Lightgrove in a hidden room past a flooded passage at the very bottom of the stairwell (if you're doing In Our Shadows: it's in the room with Sister Pride)
  7. Old Temple, Upper Floor (accessable during Dark Chambers of our Mind). In the room with the big stone stairs (before going down, on the wall)
  8. In the Sewer connecting Ark's Prison with the House of the Actors. Go down the stairs and past the 2 Conjured Guards. Unlocked during the Golden Sickles last quest Scorpion and Lion.
  9. In the Undercity arena Dust Pit. Passage behind Rasha (the giver of the arena fights)
  10. In the secret vault beneath Yero's Tower (across the bridge where the quest item and the big Mud Elemental are located); can be accessed while doing Secrets.
  11. In the Old Lighthouse, accessible during Blood In The Sand
  12. In the abandoned shaft near the Tarpit, accessible during Qalian's Last Smile
  13. In the basement of the Dal'Mercer estate in the Nobles Quarter in Ark; accessed during Our Mark in this World
  14. In the Rhalâta hideout (accessed during In Our Shadows or The Price of Freedom)
  15. In the Undercity Theater (only accessible during Dreams of the Dead)



  • Collecting a Mystical Symbol awards some XP
  • Collecting all 15 unlocks the steam achievement "Fetchquest, Vol. 2."
  • Some places can only be visited once, but it is possible to return there using console commands and cellid's from this document[1]