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#[[Enderal:Fleshless Main Quest|Fleshless]]
#[[Enderal:Fleshless Main Quest|Fleshless]]
#[[Enderal:Brave New World|Brave New World]] or [[Enderal:Catharsis|Catharsis]]
#[[Enderal:Brave New World|Brave New World]] or [[Enderal:Catharsis|Catharsis]]
[[Category:Enderal-Quests-Main Quest]]

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For an alphabetically sorted list of all Main Quests, check Category:Enderal-Quests-Main Quest

The Main Quest is the first chain of quests that the player starts, and follows the player's story.

Act I: The Beginning

  1. A Nice Day in Summer
  2. A New Life
  3. It Starts with the Dreams
  4. A New Beginning
  5. The Void
  6. The First Steps

Act II: Sliver of the Past

  1. Taming the Waves
  2. Part of Something Momentous, Part I
  3. Part of Something Momentous, Part II
  4. Part of Something Momentous, Part III
  5. Fragments of the Past
    1. The Word of the Dead
    2. Deus Ex Machina

Act III:

  1. Interlude
  2. Into the Deep
  3. The Lion's Den
  4. Part of Something Momentous, Part IV

Act IV: Black Light

  1. Black Light, Part I
    1. Angel (*Retribution)
    2. All the Dead Souls
    3. A Song in the Silence
  2. Black Light, Part II
  3. Black Light, Part III

Act V: The Forgotten Homeland

  1. Forgotten Homeland, Part I
  2. Forgotten Homeland, Part II
  3. Forgotten Homeland, Part III

Act VI: Fot the Greater Good

  1. For the Greater Good
  2. The Shards of Order, Part I
  3. The Shards of Order, Part II
  4. Fleshless
  5. Brave New World or Catharsis